Successful Planning Equals a Successful Backyard Party

Successful Planning Equals a Successful Backyard PartyIts summer in McHenry and your backyard looks beautiful. From new homes to homes well lived in, backyards are great for many things. One of which, is a backyard party. Here are some basic ways to plan and execute the perfect backyard party.

To plan a stress free barbecue, start by creating a planning checklist. There is nothing better than relieving some of that stress by checking items off the list plus it gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Invitations: Get the word out in your own unique style whether its Facebook, twitter, paper, e-vite, or carrier pigeon everyone has their own way of doing this.

 Menu planning: The best part of planning a backyard shindig is setting up the food options. For some this can be extremely daunting but keep in mind that the primary reason for a backyard get-together is to have fun so plan the food for that reason. Is there going to be an open grill? If so put that on the invite, you’d be surprised what other people may bring. Don’t forget to plan on crockpots and warming trays. The aim is to make attending to the food as simple as possible so you can enjoy the company. Some of the best occasions are marked with a taco bar, salad bar, pot-luck, and other help your self-dining options.

Ambiance: One of the perks, if you own a Gerstad Home, is the size of your backyard, where you have plenty of room for a small get together and games to play. Keep in mind that the weather in McHenry County and the Chicagoland area is constantly changing so have a backup plan in the event of rain. If your party is going past sundown, you will need lights. Nothing fancy is needed, hang strings of light on your deck, tree branches and fence (if you have one). Another idea is fire! Fire is a great way to keep the party going into the night. This could be anything from mosquito repellant candles, to tiki torches, to a full on fire pit (just like the one at our Jackson model). Outdoor living areas are hot right now and Gerstad Builders has the flexibility to help you put one into your new home. Setting the mode with music to suit everyone can be a challenge. Think about creating a public playlist on Spotify and having everyone add their own favorite tunes or put on a great premade playlist from your favorite music service. One of the options that Gerstad Builders offers in their homes is SMART technology which includes having speakers throughout your home that can stream music, TV and games with the option to have them outside as well. Mosquito’s rain on everyone’s parade so look into ways to treat your lawn or repel mosquitos so bug spray doesn’t become everyone’s perfume of choice at your party. Lighting up Tiki lamps is a great was to detour pesky bugs. Since you don’t want Deet near your food, consider getting candles that have eucalyptus extract in them or in spray form for a good natural solution to keeping them away. Another idea is to place bug wipes in little baskets by the door to the backyard. Check the ingredients to make sure there is no Deet since it can damage clothing.

Coolers: Unless you’re a super mom with a closet full of coolers you may want to plan ahead on this one. Coolers are a must when it comes to summer backyard events! Reach out to some close friends and see if you can borrow some hard coolers, these work great as both seating and beverage storage. Also, if you forget to pre-cool the drinks, add a base layer of water to the cooler and mix a little salt in. This will help speed up the cooling process.

Garbage: Most people don’t want to leave a mess for you to clean up after, so make sure to have trash cans or bags and recycle bins placed throughout your backyards. The more convenient the location the less cleanup for you after.

 Games: From bag toss (corn hole) to playing cards the limitations on what to do at your party are only limited by imagination and people you know. Talk to friends and family about borrowing some of their games so you can keep your focus on getting the house ready.

With these great tips, your backyard party is guaranteed to be a huge success in your new Gerstad Builders home. Start your planning now!

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