• Let’s Talk About Buying A New Home

    You are ready; this is an exciting time in your life! You have been saving for years just to afford the industry standard 10%-15% down payment. Now it’s time to decide who the best builder is to build your dream home. You are about to embark on one of the […]

  • America’s Most Wanted Bathroom Feature

    What bathroom feature is most wanted by home buyers? You will never guess. Think about it for a moment. Ready with your guess? Nope, it isn’t a walk-in-closet, fancy shower or Jacuzzi tub. Hold on to your seat…a linen closet. You heard correctly, a linen closet. According to the National […]

  • Make Your Home a Smart Home

    Meet George Jetson 🎶…. Meet Gerstad Builders 🎶… For many, the Jetsons were the icon of a futuristic world; a world that many of us thought we would never see. No, we don’t have hover cars or autonomous robot maids, yet how many different gadgets and gizmos have spun out […]

  • New Release in Liberty Trails

    Gerstad Builders is excited to announce a new section of lots in their successful Liberty Trails neighborhood. This is the FINAL PHASE! Solidify your spot in this amazing upcoming community and find the home site of your dreams. Liberty Trails, a new home community in McHenry, is loved by residents […]

  • Time to Think Spring Cleaning!

    Spring cleaning is more than just sweeping your floors and dusting cabinets. Making sure your living space is fresh and up to date for the beautiful weather, and making sure everything works properly after a hard winter is an important task that might just consume a little more time than […]

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