New Warranty Page to Better Serve You!

We have some great news! To better serve our Gerstad Builders’ homeowners, we have gone digital. Our warranty submission form is now on the website, and we will be phasing out our traditional pen and paper submission forms over the course of the next year.

Warranty is a necessary part of home building but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be a burden. With our new online submission form, creating your 60 day and 11 month routine inspection lists has never been easier. Our online forum allows for all customers to submit warranty requests in minutes. Gerstad Builders appreciates that time is everyone’s most precious resource, so we have added the ability to differentiate each item based on the room location, which will help expedite our infield inspections leaving you with more time.

To request a warranty or to submit a claim, please click here. If you are looking to purchase a Gerstad Builders home in one of our beautiful communities, visit the website or contact us today to start looking.

Right now Gerstad Builders is having a MARVEL-OUS promotion, so now is the time to think about moving into one of their homes. Check out the four great packages that are being offered. Click here for more information! Hurry in before Labor Day to get the most out of your Gerstad Builders home.

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