McHenry’s Prized Gem

McHenry's Prized GemIt is a beautiful summer evening, what should you do for fun? You can relax in the backyard and have a bonfire or watch a movie on the couch. There is another option and it is just a stone’s throw from your Gerstad Builders home in McHenry.  Pack up the car and take your family and friends to the historic McHenry Outdoor movie theater.  Guaranteed to be an exciting evening with food, fresh air, two movies and nostalgia.

Take a trip down memory lane by visiting the LAST outdoor movie theater in the Chicago area. The Golden Age Cinema has been a part of the McHenry community since 1951 and creating memorable moments under the stars for everyone that comes out to enjoy a movie.  The first movie to play featured John Derek in “Rogues of Sherwood Forest.”  The outdoor theater was able to accommodate 750 cars at the time. It went under renovation in 1976 and reopened as the McHenry Outdoor Theater in 1977. From May to September the theater shows family-friendly movies.

Here are some other facts you should know prior to heading out for an evening at the movies.

  • Gates open at 6:30pm (Fri-Sat) and 7:00pm (Sun-Thurs). There is a large grassy area for kids to play before the movie begins.
  • They offer one new movie release that runs for a minimum of two weeks and the second movie usually changes every weekend.
  • Movies cost $12.00 per adult, $6.00 for a child and kids under 3 years old are free. It is a great deal since they always show two movies. On Tuesdays they offer a $12/Carload discount which is a great deal.
  • They offer radio checkouts for $5 or you can use your car. If you bring your own portable radio or stereo, just tune into 89.9FM.
  • Have a dog? Bring them. As long as they are leashed and you clean up after them, they can enjoy the family outing too.
  • The movie start times will vary throughout the summer depending on the time the sun goes down.
  • Movies play rain or shine.
  • The concession stand offers a variety of treats to enjoy.

If you are looking for a great way to enjoy the summer evenings, put the kids in their pajamas; load up the car and head on over to the McHenry Outdoor movie theater.  There is nothing better than spending a summer evening under the stars watching a movie. What makes it even better, that it is a hop, skip and a jump from your Gerstad home! For more information about movies playing and other specials, click here to visit the McHenry Outdoor Theater Facebook page.

If you are a Marvel fan and love a good extra-terrestrial movie than this weekend’s movies are perfect for you. The brand new movie Spider-Man Far From Home is playing and will begin around 9pm followed by Men in Black International.

If you are heading to the outdoor theater, take a drive through one of Gerstad Builders beautiful communities or stop in our Central Sales office. We would love to help you find your dream home. Contact us today or visit our website to get the process started.

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