Driving to Your McHenry New Homes after Dark

McHenry new homes
Be Safe While Driving to McHenry New Homes

You may have noticed when you leave your McHenry new homes in the morning for work and come home at the end of the day that it’s quite a bit darker these days. Once again we are getting into the time of year where we start to lose some of our daylight. It seems it gets dark earlier and earlier. We urge you to take special precautions to compensate for the reduced visibility at dusk and nighttime. Below are some tips that you should keep in mind:

*Reduce speeds at dusk and nighttime.

*Use headlights not only at night but at dusk and dawn.

*Keep windshields and windows clean, and make sure headlights and wipers are in good working order.

*Have regular, thorough eye exams and consider stronger prescription lenses to see at night.

These things will make it safer for you to drive with the diminished light this time of year. We want to keep you as safe as possible to make it easy to visit a Gerstad Builders community at your earliest convenience. Remember you are just a short distance from a Gerstad community in McHenry, Poplar Grove, Richmond or Williams Bay.

So, make sure to stop by today to tour our McHenry, Poplar Grove, Williams Bay and Richmond new homes. We look forward to seeing you soon!

And, don’t forget that time is running out to take advantage of our buyer incentives. We’re offering 10 percent off the base price of any new home at Liberty Trails, The Trails of Pheasant Ridge, The Trails of Dawson Creek and Bailey Estates until the end of the year.

For more information about Gerstad Builders, please visit our website.

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