What Are Those Brown Areas in the Yard of My Poplar Grove Home?

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Treat Your Lawn for Grubs

You may have noticed that toward the end of summer you begin to see brown patches in the lawns of your McHenry, Richmond, Williams Bay and Poplar Grove homes. Late August brings the possibilities of white grubs to our yards. Grubs are baby Japanese beetles or the Masked Chafer beetles.

These adult beetles lay their eggs in moist warm soils such as an irrigated lawn that receives full sun. The babies, or white grubs, feed on grass roots and cause brown spots to appear in your yard. It’s easy to determine if your brown spots are from grubs without calling a lawn treatment company to investigate. Simply pull back the brown areas of your lawn and if you see white, C-shaped insects, you have grubs.

Don’t panic; you can control the situation yourself with an insecticide. Purchase a product with the chemical Trichlorfon as an ingredient and follow the directions. Your lawn can turn green again with treatment. If you ignore the brown spots they will not go away and they will spread throughout your yard. Treat and control the situation and enjoy the beautiful green outdoors.

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