Visit the Trail of History Near McHenry New Homes

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Enjoy the Trail of History near McHenry New Homes

If you’re searching for a fun, educational day out for you and your family near your McHenry new homes, then we have some good news for you. The McHenry County Conservation District will host its annual Trail of History on Oct. 15 and 16 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Glacial Park in Ringwood. This event is located just north of the Liberty Trails subdivision and just South of the Pheasant Ridge subdivision, all of which can be located from your McHenry County real estate guide by Gerstad Builders, Inc.

This historical event takes you back to the time frame of 1670-1850 with life as known in McHenry County. The characters participating in this event spend four nights in the park living off of the land and eating foods prepared as if they were living in the 1800s. These pioneers live in Tepees much like the Indians would live in; it’s quite a site to see.

Their clothing is also that in which you would find from the same time period, much of which is made from leather or furs.

Once you arrive at the park you have to hike 1 mile over the Kames, which are glacier deposits of gravel hills. After clearing the last hill you overlook an opening of prairie with the entire camp site visible about 300 feet below. They have provisions for people who cannot make the hike to get to the campsite.

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McHenry Conservation District Presents Trail of History

The adventure begins once you arrive. Foods from the time frame are available to purchase like kettle corn over a wood fire, homemade sarsaparilla (root beer) and many more. Other trinkets from the time frame are also available to purchase. Visitors can also engage in activities like doll making, log cutting and canoe making.

So, pick up your walking stick and hike on out the Trail of History on the west side of Route 31, north of McHenry and south of Richmond. For more information about the McHenry County Conservation District’s Trail of History, visit the website.

You can also find out about our McHenry County and Richmond new homes by visiting the Gerstad Builders website.

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