Classic Blue is the Pantone Color of the Year

The 2020 Color of the Year

Classic Blue is the Pantone Color of the Year

Many new and exciting things start to happen around this time of year. For The Pantone Company this is their favorite time of the year. Why? Because they get to announce what the official 2020 color of the year is.

The Pantone Company has been naming the color of the year since the early 2000s. In order to start the process of colors, the company created a unique system called the Pantone Matching System. PMS is a color standardization system that helps matching and color identification. Used widely by printers and manufacturers, the numbering system helps to identify and match specific colors. When this system is used, it helps avoid color inconsistencies between various types of digital media and print.

Now that we have given a little history, here is how the color is actually chosen. Pantone created a team of about 20 people who begin their research nine months prior to the announcement. They look at reoccurring patterns of color used in daily life, plus trends throughout the fashion world and entertainment industry. When October rolls around, the team is ready to make the big reveal of the color of the year.

The moment is here to tell you what that color is! The 2020 color of the year is Classic Blue (19-4052). It also creates an atmosphere of connection, calm and confidence.  For some, Classic Blue is reminiscent of the infinite evening sky.

There are many ways to incorporate this new color into your Gerstad home.

  • Use as accents to add a pop of color
  • Update home décor by bringing in items such as; fabric on furniture, accent rugs, pillows, decorative vases and bathroom accessories.
  • Update your kitchen by purchasing household products that are Classic Blue. Did you know that NutriBullet comes in Classic Blue?
  • Experiment with lighting. Try incorporating a blue lamp shade which can give a soothing color to your bedroom or even the bathroom. If you are entertaining, string up some blue lights to create a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Try painting old furniture or repurposing decorations in Classic Blue. This can bring in new life to some old products throughout your house.

Be creative with the new 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue! Have fun with it!

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