SMART Doorbells, SMART Locks for Your Gerstad Builders Home

SMART Technology for Your Gerstad Home

SMART Doorbells, SMART Locks for Your Gerstad Builders HomeWelcome to the sixth installment of the SMART Technology blog series, a series that is intended to help homeowners stay up to date with their technology options. Gerstad Builders and Get Wired Now help their clients by working together to create a SMART home that works with the families’ lifestyle and create “smart” living. Over the last few years, technology has gotten a lot smarter and is safer than ever. From computers, to cell phones, and now full-blown technical assistants that can help you organize a shopping list and even see who is at the front door.  Our last SMART blog series focused on SMART Thermostats and the inside of your home – now let’s think about the outside. There are many SMART technology options to consider for your new Gerstad Builders home, but have you thought about a SMART doorbell and locks?

There are several brand and technology options to choose from for safety and security options like video doorbells and locks, it is important to make sure the technology chosen for your home is compatible with the other system components you already have in place. For example; if you use Google Assistant or Alexa you can choose a SMART lock that will work with the hands free command of “lock the door” or “unlock the door.” This is a convenient option for families with children who might be coming home by themselves and you can unlock the door right from the app when they are at the door. No key necessary for them to carry and possibly lose.

We like to install Schlage in our homes, because they lead the way in cross-compatibility technology. One of the many SMART home systems Schlage works with is Ring. Ring has the best overall doorbell and doorbell-camera on the market. One great feature of the Ring products is being able to set up customized motion zones for alerts and motion alerts, thus increasing your sense of security. This is particularly effective when you are away from home for an extended period of time, such as being on vacation. Schlage offers the same functions so you can operate the lock remotely while away, giving you remote-control of your home right from your phone!

Being able to pair these systems together gives you the added convenience of being able to provide certain people their own code to unlock the door and then you can remove their access when they no longer need access to your home. Homeowners use this feature for workmen, babysitters, housekeepers, even the dog walker. Once someone starts entering the code you are alerted on your smartphone. You can then open the Ring app leveraging the doorbell camera so you can see who is at your door – how great is that?! It is also nice to see when your packages are delivered to your front stoop, even when you are not home…and you can rest assured that they will be there when you get home. Between these SMART security features and the comfort of living in one of our awesome neighborhoods, you will love how you live in your new Gerstad Built home.

At Gerstad Builders, we offer many home options in McHenry, Richmond, Poplar Grove, IL and Williams Bay WI. If you are looking for more information on Gerstads’ many communities, stop in our Central Sales office in McHenry or visit our website.

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