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There are many SMART Technology assistants that make life more convenient for homeowners every day. These assistants, or artificial intelligence, can be integrated into your SMART home technology system and synchronized with any smartphone. In our third installment of the SMART Home Technology blog series, we will share how your home assistant can help maximize comfort and convenience in your home, and help you consider some of the options and features available.

The first post of this blog series was an overview of what a SMART Home is, how it can enhance your life, and the different applications that a SMART home can be used. Our second post identified different aspects of your Smart Home and provided information about connecting your smartphone to control all devices connected to your WIFI. We even went as far as to offer examples of various brand options that are capable of providing you with this control.

SMART assistants, SMART Speakers, Virtual Assistants… they are a lot of different ways to describe our third topic. SMART Speakers are currently one of the hottest trends in the tech market right now, but what’s all the fuss about? With a SMART assistant, you can create: a hands-free shopping list that sync’s directly with your phone, turn on the lights when your hands are full, open your curtain, shut your garage door, lock your doors, program your thermostat, and many other functions and features. SMART assistants can do all or most of the previous features from on-the-go, or they can be programmed to run on a schedule for vacation.

John from GET WIRED NOW works with Gerstad Builders’ home buyers to assist with the development of an effective SMART system. This is no easy task as there are several SMART assistants to choose from, and the process can be overwhelming. You may find yourself asking questions like “Which one will give me the best features?” or “How will this look and work within my home?”.  In order to find the perfect answer for you, consider the two most common SMART assistants, Alexa and Google Home. There is no doubt that you’ve seen advertisements for both of these and know some of the main functions of these assistants. Both of these assistants have over 10,000 skills and capabilities, as do many of the other SMART Home assistants.

Other well-known assistants on the market include JBL and SONOS, both of which have the capability of integrating with Alexa or Google Home but are mainly focused on their speaker functions. These speakers have a large receiving range so you can take them outside, in the garage, and in the basement. If you are deep into the Apple product ecosystem, Apple’s HomePod lets you control devices and accomplish interactions through Siri. You can use Apple TV along with the HomePod to manage your entertainment as well as light switches. Microsoft also has their hands in SMART Home technology with Cortana. Cortana smart home has features similar to Alexa and Google Home that integrate with the Harman Kardon Invoke speaker system.

Overall, we know that SMART assistants are very important when starting your journey into creating your own SMART Home. Choosing the best one can be difficult but Gerstad Builders and GETWIREDNOW are here to help you.

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