Richmond New Home Residents Awaiting School Board Decisions

Richmond new homes schools While students residing in Richmond new homes may already be back in school for the spring, the Nippersink School District Two board’s decision over a tax abatement to accomplish its goals is still pending. Recently, board member met to discuss the suggested $3 million abatement, but they put off the decision until March in order to wait for a more comprehensive plan outlining the school district’s goals.

However, the abatement isn’t the only item on the board’s agenda. As the economy continues to improve, the board is now considering bringing back programs, such as the foreign language program, that had been cut from the budget during tougher times. In order to gauge the interest level among parents and teachers, the board will send out a survey to these groups asking if the program should be reinstated and if so, at what grade level.

Several maintenance issues were also under consideration including adding security upgrades, adding air conditioning and replacing sinks and doors. The board has proposed a facilities audit in order for them to better understand the schools’ needs and the cost of these upgrades.

Decisions on the foreign language program and school improvements are of main concern, and the further research needed to make these choices is already underway.

Residents of Trails of Pheasant Ridge will be directly affected by these decisions, since children residing within this Richmond new homes community attend schools in Nippersink School District Two. We encourage our resident parents to provide their input and complete the survey.

No one better understands the importance of education than your trusted McHenry County home builder. Schools and school districts are a critical piece of the home buying puzzle, which is why all of our communities are located within the best school districts.

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