Prep Your Gerstad Builders Home for Winter

Right now the weather has been perfect however, before we know it, the temperature will be dropping and winter will be upon us. Take advantage of this mild weather and prep your Gerstad Builders home for colder weather.  

Why is prepping your home for winter so important? Doing seasonal and monthly maintenance on your home can help you prepare your home for the cooler months and save you money in the long run. Gerstad Builders has created a maintenance list for homeowners to help get started.


It is essential to prep, clean and maintain your gutters for the winter season. Since this is a challenging job, you will need to be careful when cleaning the gutters or contact a helpful person to clean and get them ready for winter. Plus, keeping your gutters free from debris will keep your basement, interior of your home and the exterior free from water damage.

Outdoor faucets:

Anyone who lives in Chicago knows the area is notorious for cold, long and freezing winters. No one can get used to accumulating snow, gusty winds and wind chills below zero that are common during the winter months. However, if you own a Gerstad home, you’re in luck. Winterizing your outdoor faucets is easy. Remove any hoses or fittings from the outside hose bib and it’s good to go for the winter. 


Winter can increase your heating bill dramatically, make sure to check your windows for any air drafts to reduce extra spending on heating. There is a simple way to check if there is any type draft. For example; hold a lighter or candle near the window frame and observe if the flame moves with the breeze. If there are any cracks or gaps when air is flowing, just recaulk that area. Furthermore, attending to this and sealing the windows will reduce heating bills, save energy and help your home stay warm.


Twice a year, you should have your furnace professionally inspected. Since late fall is one of the busiest seasons, make an appointment a few months prior to ensure that you get on the schedule. One important form of maintenance to keeping your furnace running smoothly is changing the filters. Plus, this is something you can do yourself.  The lifespan of filters vary, so check out the directions of the ones you purchase to see how often to change them. Mark your calendar as to what day to change the filters so you don’t forget and maintain consistency. One last to do; vacuum your vent registers to remove dust and lint that would impede airflow.

CO and smoke detectors:

One of the most important home maintenance projects that needs to be done annually is replacing the batteries in your CO and smoke detectors. While the units are “unhooked” from their ceiling mounts, take a soft brush and clean off any accumulated dust that has formed. If you have a hard time remembering when to change the batteries, when you change the clocks for daylight savings, change the batteries.

These are just a few items to check off your checklist as you prep for the winter season. Once you have completed your list, take time to enjoy your warm and comfortable Gerstad home. Also, take advantage of the pleasant weather and start hanging up your outside holiday lights.

Along with these items listed, there are things you can do to prep your home in order to enjoy the winter months during the pandemic. Create an outdoor space that can be conducive for your family to sit outside, stay warm and be comfortable. Gather up blankets and quilts and keep easily accessible. Use a laundry basket with a lid or even a storage bin. To keep everyone warm think about adding a fire pit to your backyard space. Pick one that everyone can sit comfortably around. You can build one yourself or visit your local hardware store and purchase one that fits your outdoor space. Don’t forget the hot chocolate to serve everyone when enjoy time around the fire.

At Gerstad we offer many home options in McHenry County, Poplar Grove, Richmond IL and Williams Bay WI. For more information on a Gerstad Community, visit our website or contact us at (815) 385-4495.

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