New Energy Codes in Effect in Illinois Housing

Liberty Trails ModelEnergy code changes have been implemented in the state of Illinois that should have all buyers really looking at a new home instead of an existing non energy efficient older home.

The difference could be hundreds of dollars a year in heating and cooling bills.  New codes call for a R-20 wall cavity about 25% higher than in the past. Ceiling R values have been increased to an R-38 about double what it was. Basements walls must be insulated to R-10 and all heat ducts in unconditioned areas (garages and attics) must be insulated to R-10. Windows also have to low-E glass.

Although many of these changes had previously been implemented at Gerstad builders, McHenry counties number one new home builder, they are now standard in all newly built homes. This would seem to make it a must to look into purchasing a new home when you are looking to move. Click here for more information on energy efficient McHenry County new homes.

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