Multiple Generations under One Roof? Gerstad Builders has the Solution

Multi-Generation HousingSometimes life throws you a curveball and that results in your parents coming to live with your family. As they took care of you when you were a child, it is now your time to return the favor. While living in the same house, it is important that your loved one feel comfortable and enjoy a sense of privacy. Gerstad Builders has designed the perfect home to allow all members of the family to co-exist comfortably under one roof.

Loved ones transitioning to a family member’s house can come as the result of a number of reasons, including financial stress, health reason or just love, but no matter the reason, it is important to make that person feel like they are at home and not just a guest. Gerstad Builder’s brand new Multi-Generation Prestwick plan features a 566 square foot in-law suite that showcases a spacious bedroom, large walk-in closet, handicap accessible bathroom and sitting area. The doorway between the in-law suite and kitchen is 36-inches wide, perfect for wheel-chair users.

When addressing the issue of privacy, Roger Gerstad, president of Gerstad Builders, wanted to give the loved one more than just a living space. The door and shared wall between the two living areas are sound proofed and the suite features a private entrance allowing guests to visit without disturbing the entire family.

Architecturally, the in-law suite has been designed to blend in seamlessly with the original Prestwick plan. Located behind an added third garage bay and adjacent to the standard home’s laundry room, kitchen and breakfast area, the in-law suite is completely unnoticeable. From the outside, no one will be able to know that two or three generations are living under one roof.

Taking care of loved ones can be difficult and stressful if you do not have a well-designed living area that provides enough space and privacy for everyone. The Multi-Generation Prestwick Plan is available at all four of Gerstad Builders’ communities. Base pricing for the Prestwick varies depending on the community, but ranges from $174,990 to $214,990. The in-law suite option adds $65,000 to the base price.

The in-law suite option is currently available on the Prestwick home design only, but if the Multi-Generation Prestwick Plan is successful, we plan to offer the in-law suite option on all of our ranch and two-story home designs. For more information on all of our McHenry, Poplar Grove, Richmond or Williams Bay homes, visit

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