Let’s Talk About Buying A New Home

Let's Talk About Buying A New HomeYou are ready; this is an exciting time in your life! You have been saving for years just to afford the industry standard 10%-15% down payment. Now it’s time to decide who the best builder is to build your dream home.

You are about to embark on one of the most critical shopping trips you will have in your lifetime. Before leaving home, you have probably prepared questions and created a list of exactly what you’re looking for in a new house. Now, where do you start? Maybe one of the big national brands? After all, a homebuilding company wouldn’t become that large if it didn’t build quality homes, right?

When you walk in the door, you learn that the houses are affordable and feel relieved that there is a quality builder with an affordable home. But when you start to ask your questions and state your preferences, you slowly realize that the answer continues to be, “Sorry we don’t do that…” Then you learn that the builder has analyzed buyer and product trends and only offers certain packages, explaining that most people like them and you probably will too. You’re excited, but then begin to have a nagging sense that you should be able to have more say in this massive purchase. After all, we are talking about a part of the American dream, and the American dream isn’t supposed to be one size fits all.

On your next precious day off, you choose to meet with a custom homebuilder. You learn you can have everything you’ve ever wanted in a house, yay! You sit down with the sales person who sells this elegant lifestyle and you start picking out every square inch of your new house. They are moving walls and designing your dream kitchen. You are in love with this AMAZING house! Finally, you hear the price and have to be wheeled to your car in the salesperson’s desk chair because you fainted at the sound of it.

After these two very different experiences, you may wonder, “Why is the choice between a house you have no input on or a house that will leave you broke for decades?” You ask yourself, “Isn’t there a homebuilder who will help me get the home I want, at a price I can afford?”

YES!  Gerstad Builders offers that to each and every customer!

Gerstad Builders operates with the purpose of building homes for people, not just simply building houses. We believes in helping people build a home and a lifestyle that makes sense for them. Gerstad Builders was founded on the concept that every homeowner is unique; therefore every home should be unique. What some people love about a home’s design, others may not. This is why we partner with you to design your future home. Every part of the home is designed to your preference and is priced at a production homebuilder’s price point. Additionally, we have standard options to make things easy if your needs are less specific. If we don’t offer the features you want, we are always open to your ideas and do our best to make your wishes a reality.

We take a consultative approach in helping you design your home. At times, the features you want may not be practical or may not turn out quite like the pictures. For this reason, we advise you based on what will bring value to you as you live in your home. Gerstad Builders prices all home design options based on what we need to make to keep the business running and plan for the future. We rarely offer discounts because we stand behind the exceptional quality we offer our customers.   However, if we are able to charge less for a product or service and still maintain a healthy business strategy, we will. If something cost us more it will cost you more; that’s just honest and fair business practice. If you don’t want something, we will credit it back to the sale price of the home. Again, the goal is honest and fair.  We have survived multiple recessions because we plan ahead and charge a fair price for a quality home.

Next time you are looking at builders in our area, remember that Gerstad Builders wants to help you find a home you love at a price that you can afford. We understand that all homeowners are unique and their homes should be equally unique. In the coming weeks, please stop by and talk to our sales agent about your future home. We will help you choose the best community for your family and help you design a home you will love.

Gerstad Builders, a homebuilder who wants to see a house become your home at a price you can afford.

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