SMART Devices You Didn't Know You Needed

I Need that SMART Device? Really?

SMART Devices You Didn't Know You Needed

Your Gerstad Builders home has all the right SMART technology/devices to make life easier for you and your family. There seems to be a SMART Device for everything now. However, did you know there are some SMART devices that you didn’t even know you needed? Actually, some of these devices will solve a problem you didn’t even know you had.

SMART Coffee Makers:

  • No more having to get out of bed and press a button. You can have your coffee hot and ready upon waking up.
  • Just ask Alexa or Google assistant to start your morning coffee.
  • You can control the brewing temperature.
  • If you like your coffee to brew a little longer, you can control that too!
  • You are guaranteed to have the perfect cup of coffee every time!

SMART Pet Feeder:

  • Yes, you always remember to feed your pet, but what if you didn’t need to do it manually every time? All pet owners will love this great SMART device they didn’t know they needed.
  • Connects to your smart phone and can even feed your pets remotely.
  • Able to track how much they eat and measure portion sizes.
  • Can set up a feeding schedule in case the Wi-Fi goes down. The feeder will still work!
  • If there is a power outage the feeder can still operate on schedule for up to seven hours.

SMART Garage Door

  • This can replace your garage door opener. Your SMART phone becomes your garage remote control.
  • There is the peace of mind that you now have added security by managing who has access to your garage.
  • Left the house in a hurry and don’t remember if you closed the garage door? You can set it up to send you reminders if the door is left open.
  • If you don’t have a SMART lock, you can give access to your kids and guests of you’re choosing. This can be done remotely from your phone or desktop computer.
  • One really cool feature is you can set the garage door to open automatically by using the GPS and Bluetooth feature. The door will automatically open as you get closer to home and can close automatically when you leave.
  • Some of the available options can integrate with the SMART technology you already have in place in your Gerstad home.

Are you the person who is always misplacing your car/house keys, cell phone and/or wallet?  If so, then the Tile Tracker is the perfect device for you! Place the Tile on your key ring or in your wallet, you’re all set.

  • Using the Tile app on your phone, click the Find button and the Tile will ring and now you have found your keys.
  • Running out the door for work and can’t find your car keys? Ask on of your SMART Devices such as; Google or Alexa to find your tile. The Tile will ring and you have found your keys.
  • Lost your phone; press the Tile button, making your phone ring even when you have it on silent.
  • Tile works on Bluetooth and the range is anywhere from 150 ft. to 400 ft. depending on which device you purchase.

Mornings can be tough on most everyone. Especially waking up when it is still dark outside, making it harder to get out of bed. There is a SMART device that is perfect for anyone that needs the sun to get up and moving. The Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock is a must have.

  • This type of alarm clock use light similar to a sunrise to wake you up.
  • By setting the time you want to wake up, the light on the clock gets brighter over a 30 minute timeframe.
  • The clock does come with other features; radio option, gentle nature sounds and the option of a beeping alarm.

Benefits to waking up to with an alarm that simulates the sun rising:

  • You will feel more refreshed because you are waking up gradually.
  • It is easier to get out of bed to light instead of a regular alarm.
  • If you have to get up prior to the sun rising, this light can help adjust your natural circadian rhythms. This is a great feature because your body is telling you to stay asleep since it is still dark outside.

When building with Gerstad Builders, homeowners are able to set up SMART Technology to fit their lifestyle. Once you are done, and moved in, think about some of the devices you didn’t even know you needed that can make life even easier.  With technology continuing to expand, there are more options out there to choose from. At Gerstad Builders, we offer many home options in McHenry, Richmond, Poplar Grove, IL and Williams Bay WI. If you are looking for more information on Gerstads’ many communities, stop in our Central Sales office in McHenry or visit our website.

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