Find Relaxation in your Lunch Time Break and Williams Bay New Homes

lunchtime break
Find Relaxation with Friends and at your Williams Bay New Homes

Here at Gerstad Builders, we’re not just about building quality McHenry, Poplar Grove, Richmond and Williams Bay new homes. We also like to take time to help the community and offer advice that will assist you in achieving a better overall lifestyle. So in the spirit of helping you live a better life, we want to ask you if you’ve taken a break today.

With the changes in the economy and jobs it is much less common for workers to take that necessary lunch break and get away from their desks and computers.  What happened to the ‘Let’s Do Lunch’? When is the last time you took a whole hour and actually left the building? Career Builder reports that workers take an average break of 20 to 40 minutes and that 18 percent of these employees stay in their cubicle, office or workspace to eat.

What workers should do instead is to try to get outside for a short walk, visit with a friend or coworker, or do some stretching exercises; these activities will help you perform better and feel better for the rest of your day.

And when that work day is done, you should have a home that delights you and brings you pride and comfort. That’s what Gerstad Builders strives to do for you when we design and build your new home. From the location to the smallest detail we are there to help you build the home of your dreams.

Plus, with our 10 percent discount, there couldn’t be a better time to buy a new Williams Bay, McHenry, Richmond or Poplar Grove home.

Visit our website for locations and designs, or phone 815-385-4495. We’ll be glad to help you find that perfect home!

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