Fall Safety 101: Sharing the Road with Deer

Share The RoadIt may be tempting to gaze endlessly at the gorgeous fall foliage on road trips this season, but it’s more important than ever to drive with caution. Deer are highly active during the fall and if you want to avoid hitting and killing one, damaging your car or injuring yourself and your family in an accident, keep reading for tips on sharing the road with deer. Our residents with new homes in McHenry, Jefferson, Poplar Grover, Richmond and Williams Bay will want to take extra precaution this season!

  1. Proceed with Caution

You know what the yellow traffic light means. Yellow deer signs mean the same thing: slow down and proceed with caution. You will want to be especially cautious during dusk or dawn when deer are consistently the most active. If you are driving in the dark when there is no oncoming traffic, turn on your high beams so you’ll be able to spot a deer in the road before it’s too late.

  1. Pay Attention

Even if you’ve left a forested area, where deer tend to gather the most, you may come across a few that have wandered to suburban areas to look for food. They tend to travel in packs, too, so if you spot one, be sure to be on the lookout for more. Pay attention to the road’s shoulders and reflecting eyes in the dark. Also, don’t pass too quickly if you see a deer on the side of the road. Deer are inclined to dart very suddenly, so be prepared to stop quickly.

  1. Use Your Car’s Safety Features

Make sure everyone in your car is wearing their seat belt, because if you come across a deer, you should brake and prepare for impact. Never swerve the car, or you could spin out of control, run off the road, hit another object or even another car.

By paying close attention to your surroundings, proceeding carefully and understanding how deer move, you can avoid injuring yourself and local wildlife. You may even get to watch the deer up close in their natural surroundings!

However, the best laid plans go awry and the most cautious of drivers are subject to human error. If you accidentally hit a deer, make sure to report it to the local authorities and file a claim with your insurance company.

All Gerstad communities, Bailey Estates, Liberty Trails, The Trails of Dawson Creek and The Trails of Pheasant Ridge are all surrounded by nature and offer larger than normal lots. It’s no surprise to residents to have deer and other wildlife lurking around their yard in the early morning and late fall evenings.

For more tips on sharing the road with the deer, check out our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. As always, stay up to date with news, communities and homes at www.gerstadbuilders.com.


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