Energy Efficient Homes

Many contractors today are unaware of the new energy code that was passed by the Illinois legislation on January 29, 2010. This new code requires all contractors to meet or exceed the energy standards established in the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code when building a new home. It has been reported that Illinois now has one of the most restrictive codes when it comes to conserving energy in building new homes.

This code change happened so quickly that all code enforcement officials could not even enforce it until properly educated. Now that June is upon us, the code is becoming a reality. Gerstad Builders will continue for a short period of time to include the extra cost of compliance to meet this mandated legislation. However, shortly we will be forced to raise our prices at least five thousand dollars per home to cover the extra cost related to compliance. Now is a great time to enter into a contract with Gerstad Builders, Inc. and get all of the latest energy conservation technology for free. This standard applies to all Gerstad Builders, Inc. subdivisions in Illinois: Liberty Trails in McHenry, Dawson Creek in Poplar Grove, and Pheasant Ridge in Richmond.

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