Buying A Home While Social Distancing

Buying a home is a huge step in life. Whether you are considering your first home or your third, having peace of mind that the process goes smoothly during this uncertain time is essential. Here at Gerstad Builders, we understand the importance of your home buying process. We want to reassure you that while a few aspects of buying a home are a bit different due to social distancing, much of it is staying largely the same. 

Here’s what to expect

Our sales agents are still readily available to field all of your questions and concerns! Luckily, home buying is deemed an essential business, so our experts are working remotely. In order to get in contact with them, simply fill out the “Contact Us” form on our website. Either Tammy Olsen or Tom Roach will get in touch with you in a timely manner. Our sales agents are available to communicate with you via phone, Zoom, or Facetime. You also have the option to set up on-site individual meetings as well. 

We have many options you can utilize in order to get a visual of the homes you may be interested in! We have eight 360 tours available, 20-40 second showcase videos that can be found on our Facebook page, and model video tours which allow you to virtually walk through a finished home with your agent. Currently, the Jackson, Palmer, and Bay View models are fully furnished and available for virtual viewing. 

360 model tours

We understand that while our virtual tours and 360 models are thorough and give you a real feel for what the home is like, nothing quite beats the feeling of physically stepping into a home to see if it is right for you. For this reason, we have established a few essential operations that can still go in person with extra precautions. These operations include model visits, after contract color selections and option review, and pre-closing orientation. Prior to in-person meetings for these operations, one of our sales agents will confirm that you are not feeling ill, have not been in contact with anyone feeling ill, and that you have taken your temperature. These measures are in place to keep you as well as our agents safe! As another precaution, only those who are listed on the home-buying contract will be able to attend any in-person meetings. We will provide you with gloves that must be worn at all times, but you are responsible for your own mask that must also be worn at all times. This mask can be in the form of a bandana, scarf, or anything that covers your face. All parties in the meeting or viewing will also be responsible for practicing six-foot distancing. 

These are the basic steps that Gerstad Builders is taking to get you situated in the home-buying process. Feel free to call us at 815-385-4495 with any questions you may have, and be sure to stay tuned for part two of this blog post which will outline what to expect when closing a home while maintaining social distancing! 

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