Social Distancing or as we like to call it ‘Physical Distancing’ has raised a number of challenges for everyone. Fortunately, home building operations were deemed essential business during a ‘Shelter in Place’ order. We have adapted our processes to make sure we can continue to serve our customers and future customers. For some, home-buying can be a confusing process under normal circumstances so we wanted to explain what you can expect from Gerstad Builders from start to finish when it comes to Physical Distancing Procedures and Essential Operations.

Gerstad Builders Sales and Home-buying Counseling

  1. Our sales agents are still working normal hours, just remotely. If you fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form on our website. Tammy Olsen or Tom Roach will get in touch with you to discuss your interests, mortgage options, availability and many other questions you might have about building.
  2. Once you connect with one of our sales agents, they can start to advise you on your individual home buying experience. Home-buying experiences can take different shapes based on the needs of each individual, these are general guidelines meant to provide an outline on our adapted process.
  3. As you move forward, our sales agents can be available by email, phone, Zoom, or Facetime. On-site individual appointments are available.
  4. We will start correspondence via phone or email.

Gerstad Builders Model Tours and Option offering

Essential Operations

To help clarify what appointments will need to be done in person and the procedures that will be followed, we have classified in person meetings as “Essential Operations”. These are appointments that need to be done in person due to the nature of the task as it relates to the construction or closing of your new home.

Essential Operation tasks are:

Gerstad Builders in person meetings

Pre-visit confirmation for all appointments. Our sales agent will perform the following tasks approximately 2 hours before your appointment

  1. We will confirm the status of your health
    • Are you feeling ill?
    • Have you or anyone in your home been in contact with someone who was known to be ill or sick?
    • Has everyone attending today’s meeting checked their temperature?
  2. You may be asked these questions twice. Once over the phone and once on site.
  3. WIFI connections may not be available for all appointments.

Who can attend? Only people who are on the contract or plan to be on the contract are permitted to be in person.

  1. We encourage you to invite other decision makers to attend via your favorite video chatting service.
    • Legally, we are not allowed to hold any appointments exceeding 4 people including our employees.
    • If you are unfamiliar with video chatting or conferencing services let us know and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.
    • Please learn how to use the video chatting service selected prior to our meeting and be sure to test it using a cellular data connection (turn off WIFI antenna when testing at home), WIFI connections may not be available for all appointments.

Facial protection WILL NOT be provided but is expected during the entire interaction.

  1. Due to the personal nature and supply shortages, we cannot supply every person with their own masks. Our staff will be supplied with their own masks and will be instructed that they are not allowed to conduct in person interactions without the use of a mask by both parties.
  2. Acceptable masks are anything that act as a barrier and prevents the distribution of respiratory particles and saliva from the mouth and nose; such as scarves, bandanas, dust masks, etc.

Protective gloves will be worn at all times and supplied.

  1. Gloves will be left at the door for you to put on or brought out to you.
  2. Please put on facial protection prior to putting on the gloves.
  3. Even though you are wearing protective covering we still ask that you avoid touching unnecessary items and ask that you ask us to show you instead.

6 foot distancing. We will keep our physical distance during our appointment.

  1. This may mean that in some rooms we will need to shuffle bodies around and only have 1 person in a room at a time.

Talking with our sales staff and getting price quotes

I’m ready to submit a refundable deposit and sign a purchase agreement

Finalizing options/colors and general guidelines for model visits

The Construction Meeting

Color confirmation Appointment

Your Pre-closing Orientation