America’s Most Wanted Bathroom Feature

America’s Most Wanted Bathroom Feature

America’s Most Wanted Bathroom Feature	What bathroom feature is most wanted by home buyers? You will never guess. Think about it for a moment. Ready with your guess? Nope, it isn’t a walk-in-closet, fancy shower or Jacuzzi tub. Hold on to your seat…a linen closet. You heard correctly, a linen closet.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) around 78% of home buyers believe that a linen closet is a “must have” for a bathroom.  What does this mean for home builders? It is essential to ask the home buyer what features are most important to them.  According to the study, 4 out 5 potential home buyers want a linen closet in the master bathroom.

There are ways to organize the linen closet so it is beneficial to your lifestyle:

  • Line your shelves to maintain the quality of your towels and linens.
  • Use bins and baskets to separate and store the linens.
  • Organize and sort by category.
  • Label the box and bins in order to quickly identify what is in the bins or basket.
  • Store the sheets with the corresponding color pillowcases.

The other features that made the top of the list are a double vanity and a shower stall and tub.

Multiple benefits of a double vanity outweigh that of a single vanity. When making the decision between a single and double vanity, make a list of the pros and cons of each. Being able to visualize your answers can be helpful when making the final decision with your home builder. There aren’t too many cons to having a double sink except more space to clean. The extra space is definitely a pro! Convenience is another pro. Each person gets their own space and sinks to use along with having their own area to store their personal items.

These days, modern sinks and vanities are all the rage. Choosing what kind of vanity can be a challenge. Do you want something that is free-standing or wall mounted? Making that decision depends on floor space and size of the room. When checking out vanities, look at the sink options. From a freestanding bowl to a wave sink there are many options to choose. The selections can get a bit overwhelming, so ask your home builder for input and what they offer. Create your list of wants and needs; bring that list to meet with Gerstad Builders’ in-house design team. They can guide you through the selection process and help you think through the decision.

Another master bathroom amenity that made the list was a shower-stall and tub. This is an obvious need. Going a little farther than the need, what do you actually want. If the space is relatively small, consider the option of a combination shower and tub. If you have a little more space to work with, think about the new modern way; placing the shower and tube in the same area. Get tired while in the shower? Think about adding a small bench to sit on if you are creating a separate space. What a fun idea!

Gerstad Builders is a home builder that listens to their clients’ wants and needs. They are with you every step of the way. If you are looking to make the move to McHenry County, let Gerstad Builders help you create that dream. Contact Gerstad Builders at (815) 385-4495 or visit their website.

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