Creating The Perfect Home Work Space

Many of us are currently adjusting to a new normal and experiencing what it’s like to work from home. Maybe you thoroughly enjoy commuting to your new home office with pajama pants on, or maybe you’re finding it difficult to focus on work while being at home. Whatever your outlook may be, Gerstad Builders can help you optimize your home office for maximum comfort and productivity. Were we going to put something in about our ability to build home office space (it is different for everyone so we can personalize that space) 

SMART Technology in your Gerstad home

Gerstad homes are all built with a WiFi hub that is tied to a modem and router panel in the basement. Even before COVID-19 changed many of our lives, Gerstad was keeping your needs in mind. We understand that our clients are living in a technologically advanced world, and wanted to make staying connected easier than ever. Our WiFi hubs allow for connecting many essential technologies together. This includes digital locks, security cameras, thermostats, and smart lights. With a Gerstad home, these can all be connected in your smart home hub that remains a standard feature in our homes throughout our communities in Illinois and Wisconsin. 

Keeping our client’s needs in mind means ensuring our clients have the best SMART Technology experience. The equipment necessary for high-speed Wi-Fi connection is placed in the highest ceiling of each of our new homes, making connectivity and Internet speed a breeze. The Gerstad Wi-Fi package includes the following: a ceiling-mounted transmitter, a data line and coaxial cable wired to the preferred primary TV location, a data and phone line. These are all wired to any location in the home and a connection box located in the basement for all low-voltage and internet equipment connections.

Home work space suggestions.

Your Gerstad home should already have you covered with the technological aspect, and we’ve also got you covered with some tips on how to remain focused while working from home. First, remember to keep work and relaxation separate. Studies show that trying to work in a place where you are accustomed to relaxing is a fruitless endeavor. Wherever you choose to work, make sure you feel like you’re at the office rather than getting ready for a movie night. 

Don’t underestimate the power of mother nature! Fresh air and greenery can help increase oxygen levels and productivity. No one wants to work in a stuffy space. Open a window and invest in some new office plants. This will brighten up your work space and perhaps even result in you looking forward to stepping into the office. 


Maximize your morning “commute.” If you’re walking downstairs in your pajamas and eating breakfast at your desk, it may be hard to get into work mode. Instead, treat your mornings like you actually have a commute to make. Wake up, get ready, eat breakfast, and then step into your work space. Taking a few minutes to center yourself in the mornings can lead to more head clarity and productivity as the day goes on. Don’t forget about necessary breaks either. Have a designated lunchtime so that you have a set break as the day goes on. This will ensure you don’t get burned out. 

At Gerstad Builders, our mission is to ensure you always feel comfortable in your living space. Every homeowner has different needs and we are able to build a home office space that is personalized to meet everyone’s particular lifestyle. Contact us at 815-385-4495 for any questions or comments you may have. As always, we’re here to help. Currently we have new processes in place during physical distancing so that you can still go forward with viewing and buying a home. For the full details, click here.

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