What is an SSA?

SSA stands for Special Service Area.  SSA’s are established by Citys or Villages to assist in collecting funds to help pay for the continuing maintenance costs of a specific subdivision.  Continuing maintenance costs could be anything from snowplowing and mowing community areas to storm water basin maintenance.

The SSA assessment is attached to each land parcel of a subdivision and collected with its local Real Estate Taxes.  The SSA’s are a fixed amount and a continuing cost.  The SSA amount will never be changed or paid off. This means that homeowners that buy within a neighborhood that has an SSA will pay an ongoing monthly fee. Luckily, none of the  Gerstad Builders subdivisions have any of these fees. This means when you buy a home at Liberty Trails, The Trails of Pheasant Ridge, The Trails of Dawson Creek or Bailey Estates you will not have to participate in any SSA programs.

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