What Can I Do About All Of These Boxelder Bugs!

Spring time brings about a lot of good stuff such as refreshing rain showers, warm weather, sunshine and variety of beautiful flowers; however, with spring also comes bugs. And, if you’re home is anything like mine, you may have seen them creeping around your McHenry County real estate lately.

It’s a sunny spring day and the Boxelder bugs are coming out of my walls! Boxelder bugs are harmless to you and your home. As you spot one bug, don’t be afraid to scoop it up with your hand and just toss it back outside. These bugs, while plentiful on sunny days, do not bite, sting or stink like other pesky intruders.

You may be wondering, why are these bugs all over one house and not another? Most likely, it’s because of a particular sunny area and a crack or crevice for them to find a nesting home. If they’re in your home you probably want to know how you can get rid of them. To find out how to avoid and persuade these intruders elsewhere, visit the University of Minnesota Extension website.

Keep in mind that there are worse insects out there to deal with; however, if you’re looking to flee the Boxelder bugs, we have McHenry County real estate, Williams Bay real estate, Richmond or Poplar Grove new homes for you. For more information, visit the Gerstad Builders website.

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