Tips for Your AC Unit When Beating the Illinois Heat

AC Unit in Illinois HeatSummer means longer days, vacations and backyard barbeques, but it also commonly brings the problem of a broken air conditioner.  When the outside temperatures begin to soar to dangerous levels, it’s important to concentrate on your home’s air conditioner unit. It is essential to understand how to maintain this appliance and how to know when something is truly broken.  Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your unit and to help stay cool in summer!

Clogged Air Filter

One of the most common problems and easiest to fix is clogged air filters. During the summer, your AC unit will run more, meaning the filter will get clogged more quickly. It is important to change your filter every month to help keep the air clean as possible and to ensure your motor and drainpipe do not suffer damages.

Refrigerant Leaks

A summer problem seen most often is refrigerant leaks. When this happens, your AC unit is no longer able to cool down the air properly and your comfort suffers. When it comes to refrigerant leaks, you need to let a certified technician handle the problem. Freon is a dangerous substance with many side effects.


Having icing problems in the summer may seem odd, but it’s actually normal for AC units. When the drain line freezes, it causes a backup that leaks. To help with this issue, shut off the compressor by changing the thermostat to fan. The ice will melt and it’s important to have an appropriate form of drainage available.


There’s no reason to suffer the summer heat here in Illinois. There are plenty of precautionary measures you can take to avoid AC issues. Have a professional team come to inspect your unit before the summer months to ensure it can withstand the high demands of the summer heat. Another tip to help avoid overheating and to get your unit to work more efficiently is to have our outside air conditioning unit placed in a shady area.

There is no doubt that summer is the most demanding season for your air conditioner. With the high-heat demand come unique problems for your air conditioning unit. Understanding these issues can help you better prepare for what’s ahead and avoid the problems altogether.

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