The Benefits of a Four Season Room

The Benefits of a Four Season RoomA four season room can easily fill anyone’s specific needs to appreciate all Mother Nature’s seasons. Imagine sitting in your heated room, surrounded by all glass windows and an insulated roof while there is a blizzard outside. The whole family can enjoy the snow outside without having to bundle up and endure the cold!  Even during a hot McHenry summer day, the benefits of a four season room are endless.

Gerstad Builders has a simple solution to creating a four season room for the whole family to enjoy. Especially if a homeowner is looking to settle down in The Trails of Dawson Creek community, the Palmer plan is one home design that has the option of adding a four-season room.

Here are some of the benefits of adding a four season room to a newly built Gerstad home.

Natural light: Residents of McHenry County, IL or Williams Bay, WI will certainly enjoy the benefits that natural light offers. The winter blues has an effect on many people who live in the Midwest and natural lighting can help to boost a person’s emotional and physical well-being. A sunroom can help to counteract some of those winter blues.

Adds space: Having a four season room adds another perfect area for family and social gatherings.  Whether enjoying a cup of morning coffee and watching the sunrise, even when it is below zero outside, or relaxing on the couch and looking up at the starry night, a sunroom can help create a relaxing atmosphere. When having company over, the sunroom can become the most popular room in the house.

Perfect home office: Things have changed over the years when it comes to the work place and a lot of people get the opportunity to work from home. What can be better than setting up a home office in a room that is surrounded by the outdoors? Picture being able to work with the beauty of nature all around creating the perfect atmosphere for a productive work day.

Just because room: 365 days of the year anyone can enjoy the many benefits of a four season room.  Every family member can use some quiet time, whether to relax, read a book or just be one with nature. Adding a four season room can accommodate essentially anyone’s specific needs.

When starting the home buying process, let Gerstad Builders help create the ideal four season room to enjoy all year round. Click here to contact us or call as (815) 385-4495.

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