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Suburb Living: Making the Jump from the City

Making the decision to move from the big city to a suburb can be extremely difficult. There are many reasons to live in a major city, such as; lots of interesting people all around you, lots of delicious restaurants to enjoy, and plenty of ways to stay entertained on nights and weekends! However, there are advantages to living in the suburbs. In this blog, we will give you three reasons to move from the city to the suburbs. 

Suburbs Offer More Indoor and Outdoor Living Space

One of the greatest benefits of moving from the city to the suburbs is the amount of indoor and outdoor space you will gain. Because of the crowded nature of city living, it’s hard to find spacious housing without paying top dollar. This can be especially frustrating for people who either hope to start a family or currently have young children. 

If you are looking for more space to accommodate the members of your household, it may be time to move to suburbia. You’ll be amazed at how much room you’ll have both inside and outside!

Every person can enjoy their own bedroom and bathroom, your kitchen will be larger, and the common spaces you share will feel comfortable instead of crowded. Plus, you’ll likely have plenty of room outside to enjoy your time. Whether you add a swingset, a fire pit, or a pool to your backyard, the space you have will feel private and personal.

Get More Bang for Your Buck Living in the Suburbs

Another reason people are leaving the city to move to the suburbs is that you can get a lot more bang for your buck! While owning property in the suburbs may still cost a pretty penny, you’re going to get so much more out of that dollar than you would in the city. Living in a suburb ensures that you will have more space, better appliances, and nicer amenities than you would living in the city for the same price. 

In today’s housing market, you want to make sure that you stretch every dollar as far as possible. The best way to make that happen is to relocate from the city to the suburbs.

Suburbs are Better for Raising a Family

Finally, living in a suburb is ideal for starting and raising a family. We’ve already mentioned benefits like more indoor and outdoor space for children to enjoy, but there are plenty of other reasons to make the move from city to suburbia for your family. Most notable is that you’ll have access to more highly-rated schools.

Education is extremely important, especially for young minds. We all want to see our children succeed, and having access to a great education plays a big part in that. Living in the suburbs means that the schools in your district will be less crowded and that there will be more families nearby for your children to befriend.  If you have an idea as to which suburb you want to move into, look at the state rankings of the schools within the that particular district. That can give you an idea as to what types of schools there are and see what parents think of them.

Getting Started

Starting the process can be stressful as well. Deciding where the best place to move requires a lot of thinking and decision making. To make the process go smoothly, Gerstad Builders has a home buying process that helps prospects feel more comfortable. This blog, Gerstad Builders: A Homebuyers Guide gives all the details that a potential homebuyer needs to know.

It can be hard to determine if leaving the hustle and bustle of city life for suburban living is the right decision, which is why we want to help! At Gerstad Builders, we know how important your home really is. Not only is it the place where you spend most of your time, but it’s also a reflection on you, your style, and your personality.

We are always available to help make buying a new home a little easier. To learn more about Gerstad Builders, visit our website or give us a call at 815-385-4495. 

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