Spring is Coming!

While looking out our front windows watching the snow melt, we notice that what lies beneath the snow is not looking so beautiful. The yards of our Richmond new homes have definitely seen greener days. The Grasshopper Lawnmower Company has a few early season tips that can assist you in having a beautiful green spring lawn.

1.  Clean up – Remove leaves, twigs, garbage and other dead debris.

2.  Mow – The first mowing should be low to encourage growth and remove the dead top of the grass shoots.

3.  Consider Aerating – This should be done one time a year to loosen soil and allow water, nutrients and oxygen to reach grass roots.

4.  Reseed dead spots – Remove dead grass, churn up soil, add some extra top soil and sprinkle with good-quality seed. (Of course don’t forget to water your seedlings!)

5.  Fertilize – Apply a balanced lawn fertilizer. Avoid fertilizing your newly seeded areas until the new grass is established.

6.  Weed – Inspect yard and remove weeds by hand as early as possible. Get those weeds out before they spread.

7.  Tune-up – Inspect and maintenance all lawn equipment now. If something needs repair it’s better to repair it now then waiting for it to break down when you need it most.

These simple steps will help your lawn be a healthier and greener place that everyone in your neighborhood will enjoy. Tips were gathered from Contractors Equipment Directory East, March 2011 edition, page A3. Visit the Contractors Equipment Directory website for more information.

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