Saving Energy and Money with Gerstad Homes

Energy Efficient One of the huge benefits of purchasing a new home is that they are more energy efficient than older homes. According to the National Association of Home Builders, newer homes average $241 a year to maintain while homes built in the 1980’s average $633 annually – that’s more than 2.5 times a newer home. Add that to the increase you’re likely to see during the summer months and you can see why it is important to have energy-efficient features built into your home.

Here at Gerstad Builders, we include energy-efficient and money-saving features in every new home, plus we offer upgrade options to make your home even more energy efficient. With summer on the way, we want to share information on some of the products we build with which help keep your home cool in the summer heat. Every Gerstad home is built with:

  • Walls insulated to R18 with attics insulated to at least R38
  • Power ventilated gas furnaces and water heaters
  • Low-E glass with better insulating properties in windows
  • Basements with fully-insulated foundations using vinyl-wrapper fiberglass on the inside of the foundation walls
  • Options for providing adequate ventilation include attic units that can bring in the fresh air and thermally control it before sending it to the furnace, as well as bathroom fans that can run constantly to draw in a small amount of outside air.

Before a home is even built, it must go through a modeling Energy Efficient program to determine the energy efficiency and, if necessary, modify the building specifications to make sure it will meet code. Then, before it is occupied, a home must meet a pressurization test to make sure the home is built tight enough to meet the code of five air changes per hour or less.

At Gerstad Builder, we design homes with the buyer in mind. Each of our communities not only features energy efficient designs, but they’re located close to great schools, plenty of recreation and entertainment.

At Gerstad Builders, we want to give you peace of mind and confidence that things are done right in your new home. To learn more about our energy efficient features in Williams Bay, McHenry, Poplar Grove and Richmond, visit

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