Purchase Your Gerstad Home in Time for Next School Year

Are you already planning ahead for the next year? Searching for the perfect school for your growing family? As the new school year kicks off, it not only symbolizes fresh starts and exciting changes but also presents an ideal moment to contemplate purchasing a new home. While some individuals rush into buying a home, it’s crucial to make informed choices. At Gerstad Builders, we’re here to guide you through your homebuilding journey, helping you discover your dream home just in time for the next school year.

The Significance of Early Planning

One common misconception about starting the homebuying process is the fear of rushing into binding contracts. However, beginning early doesn’t mean hasty decisions. It means affording yourself the luxury to meticulously research, explore neighborhoods and identify the perfect location for your Illinois new construction home. This extra time ensures no detail is overlooked and allows for thoughtful, well-informed choices as our team guides you into the building process in the new year.

Navigating the Gerstad Builders Homebuilding Process

Step 1: Research & Discovery

During the back-to-school season, exploring different neighborhoods and school districts becomes a joyous adventure. Understanding local school ratings and their proximity to potential Illinois new construction homes is a crucial aspect of this phase, ensuring that your family’s educational needs are met with the utmost satisfaction before the new school year commences!

Each of our communities sit near excellent educational opportunities! Explore options in McHenry, Poplar Grove and Richmond, IL, as well as Williams Bay, WI to find the perfect academic selection for your family.

Step 2: Partnering with Gerstad Builders

Initiating the process early allows homebuyers to build a robust partnership with Gerstad Builders. This collaborative effort ensures that every detail, from layout to finishes, is meticulously planned for your Illinois new construction home. This proactive approach mitigates stress and paves the way for a smoother, more enjoyable building experience overall.

Step 3: Choosing the Perfect Location & Home Type

Lincoln Plan by Gerstad Builders

Finding the ideal location that harmonizes with your family’s lifestyle and educational needs is a thrilling milestone! Our process starts with a personal meeting where our sales team helps you choose the right lot and home design.  Gerstad Builders offers a range of home types, each with unique character and charm that will be a perfect fit in your dream location. This diversity ensures you’ll find an Illinois new construction home that resonates with your family’s requirements. Explore our available floor plan options in McHenry, Poplar Grove and Richmond, IL, as well as Williams Bay, WI.

Still searching for a plan that perfectly meets your family’s needs? Our team is ready to discuss how we can personalize one of our plans for you!

Step 4: Personalizing Your Dream Home

Customizing your new home is one of the most exciting parts of the homebuying process! From integrating personal touches to selecting design elements and functional features, this step allows you to imprint your family’s identity onto your new Illinois or Wisconsin construction home’s plan. With Gerstad Builders, this process is seamless, ensuring your dream home reflects your vision from the planning stage to unlocking the door for the first time. Virtually tour our model homes to explore all the fabulous Gerstad Builders home upgrades!

Step 5: Design Center Experience

At Gerstad Builders, we believe in creating homes tailored to you. We focus on understanding your priorities, like fixtures, cabinets, flooring and countertops, and offer options to make your dream home unique with fabulous flooring, paint and exterior selections. We also assist with electrical choices and other details. Our standard features are carefully chosen to add value and style to every home. Click here to explore new carpet selections!

Reach out to our team directly at 815-385-4495 or through our online contact form. Embrace this season of new beginnings with Gerstad Builders and let’s embark on this exciting homebuilding journey together!

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