Prepare Your McHenry New Homes for Winter

McHenry New Homes
Prepare Your McHenry New Homes for Winter

Just take a look outside the windows of your McHenry new homes and you’ll see it’s that time of year again! As summer turns into fall it’s again time to turn to things that should be done to get your home ready for the winter months. Below is a list of things that you can do to get your home ready for the winter.

First thing is to change your furnace filter and have someone check and clean your furnace. It’s better to have it done while it’s still relatively warm than have a problem in the dead of winter.

Also, it’s time to make sure the weather stripping on your doors is in good shape. This can save you lots of money during a heating season.

You’ll want to remove the hoses and any other thing you have connected to your spigots. This will alleviate the chance of having frozen hose bibs during the winter.

Finally, you should also change the batteries in your smoke detectors to make sure they are fully functional.

These are just some things to help you make it through the winter months in your home. However, you don’t have to wait until spring to buy the new home of your dreams. We’re offering amazing incentives on our McHenry, Poplar Gove, Richmond and Williams Bay homes. Buyers will receive 10 percent off the base price of any home that closes by Dec. 31!

Have a wonderful winter season and we look forward to seeing you next spring in one of our Gerstad Builders developments.

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