Prep Your Illinois or Wisconsin Home for a New Season

Sunshine, barbecues and lazy afternoons by the pool – summer is nearly here! As a new homeowner with Gerstad Builders, we know you’re eager to make the most of your beautiful new space. But before the pool parties and backyard games begin, tackling a quick session using some essential summer deep cleaning tips is a brilliant idea. This will help you create a relaxed, comfortable and inviting environment for the entire season, ensuring your home is ready for all the summer fun. 

This guide will walk you through essential tidying tasks to prepare your summer oasis for endless enjoyment!

Planning & Preparing

person deep cleaning windows and doorways for the new season

Before diving headfirst into barbecues and poolside lounging, consider the transformative power of a pre-seasonal clean. Taking time to declutter and deep clean will maximize your enjoyment of the warm weather. Here are some essential tidying supplies to get you started:

  • All-purpose cleaner, disinfectant wipes and microfiber cloths: These trusty companions will tackle most surfaces in your home.
  • Summer-specific supplies: Invest in a good grill cleaner and a patio furniture cleaner to ensure your outdoor haven is sparkling and ready for gatherings.
  • Purchase or rent a pressure washer to make your home’s exterior sparkle! The machine can also be used on concrete, certain types of siding wood fences, furniture and more.

A Room-by-Room Guide

person deep cleaning a white couch with a vacuum

With your cleaning arsenal assembled, let’s conquer each area of your home with these tips:

  • Living Room & Bedrooms: Invite the refreshing breeze indoors by cleaning your ceiling fans. Wash curtains to remove dust and allergens and swap out winter throws and blankets for lighter fabrics.
  • Kitchen: Summer is prime grilling season! Deep clean your oven and grill for delicious cookouts with friends and family. Don’t forget to declutter and organize your pantry to make grabbing tasty snacks a breeze.
  • Bathrooms: Ensure proper ventilation in your bathrooms to prevent moisture build-up, especially during the hot and humid summer months. Focus on mold and mildew prevention, particularly in shower areas.
  • Outdoors: Summer is for spending time outside! Clean and prep your patio furniture, making it look fresh for those long evenings. Don’t forget to fire up the grill and give it a thorough cleaning. While the weather is warm, declutter your outdoor storage areas to make room for seasonal essentials like pool floats and lawn games. Once you settle on an outdoor layout for your furniture, employ a pressure washer to give your home’s exterior, patio furniture, concrete, certain types of wood and fences a thorough washing.

Pro Tip: To avoid the day’s peak heat, clean your outdoor areas early in the morning.

Finishing Touches for a Summer-Ready Oasis

spring cleaning tips and decor with yellow tulips and green polka dot mugs

Maximize fresh air flow by giving your window screens a thorough scrubbing. This will remove any built-up dust, pollen or cobwebs that might be hindering ventilation. With sparkling clean screens, natural light can pour into your home, chasing away any lingering shadows of winter. But the benefits go beyond just brightness – those clean screens will also allow cool summer breezes to waft through your house, creating a naturally refreshing and invigorating atmosphere.

To truly embrace the season, don’t stop at just clean windows. Incorporate some bright home décor to bring the vibrancy of summer inside! Swap out heavy winter curtains for light, airy fabrics that flutter gently in the breeze. Add pops of color with throw pillows in cheerful hues – think sunshine yellow, grassy green or ocean blue. Don’t be afraid to experiment with playful patterns or fun textures.

Take the seasonal prep further by incorporating today’s top design trends in your home’s décor palette!

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