Mixed Materials, Colors and Other Trends for Kitchens and Bathrooms

kitchen trendsAt Gerstad Builders, we’re committed to building a home that is far more than bricks and mortar. With our spectacular floor plans and convenient locations, we can help you build and design the home of your dreams!

From finishes to fixtures to new technology and lighting regulations, kitchens and bathrooms are seeing a lot of upgrades and changes this year. Below are the top 2018 trends for the kitchen and bathroom:

  • Quartz, Not Granite – According to an NKBA study on builderonline.com, quartz is the number one product on the market for any counter tips right now. It’s durable, has incredible finish options and its fresh.
  • Stone Sinks – While traditional porcelain will always be a classic, a stone sink is where the trend is headed.
  • Two-Toned Cabinets – We are finally moving away from the all-white trend. One of the biggest trends in the kitchen and bath world right now is navy and blue.
  • No More Subway Tile – Just as all white rooms are slowly disappearing, so is the boring white subway tile. Textures, patterns, colors and unique designs are coming in hot!
  • Brass and Gold Tones – Homeowners love the change to warmer accents with the brass and gold-toned bathroom fixtures versus the traditional shiny polished chrome which conveys a sleeker feel.
  • Toilet Tech – Seat warmers, automatic lid openers and built-in deodorizers are only a few popular toilet features in 2018. However, it’s not just the toilet going high-tech, it’s the entire room, with smart showers, automatic faucets, and even refrigerators being added.

Kitchens are the soul of the home, and like kitchens, bathroom designbathrooms also have a set of requirements to adhere to. While kitchens require storage and functionality, bathroom themes lean more towards luxurious, calm and contemporary.

Trends are ever-changing and homeowners like flexibility and personalization. That’s why our homes at Gerstad are perfect for buyers looking in the Williams Bay, McHenry, Richmond and Poplar Grove areas.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your new home, visit us today online at www.gerstadbuilders.com.

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