Make Your Home a Smart Home

Make Your Home a Smart Home

Make Your Home a Smart HomeMeet George Jetson ????…. Meet Gerstad Builders ????…

For many, the Jetsons were the icon of a futuristic world; a world that many of us thought we would never see. No, we don’t have hover cars or autonomous robot maids, yet how many different gadgets and gizmos have spun out of that TV show, brought to fruition in Silicon Valley, and are now part of our every day life.

Screens keep getting thinner, yet larger. Technology has gone from a geeky trend to a full on fashion statement. Keeping up with the techno-sphere can be extremely difficult. The irony of technology is that most of it, when utilized correctly, will improve your quality of live; you just have to get there and we know first hand that staying current is not an easy task.

Gerstad Builders is setting out on a mission to help people understand just what owning a SMART home means in today’s world and how it can enhance your life. It wasn’t too long ago that we were all wishing for an easy way to connect our phones to our cars and today its hard to find a new car without blue tooth. SMART compatible homes are not a standard for home building, but how much longer will that last.

Let’s get started!

What exactly is a SMART home? It stands for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Report Technology.  There are many benefits to having this capability; being able to remotely control connected home systems whether you’re inside the house or away on vacation. Gerstad Builders has been installing SMART home technology for a long time, and makes it easy for their homebuyers to add additional SMART home features that help save energy, SMART devices, and ensure home security, in addition to the audio and video components consumers’ desire, the apex of SMART home technology.

Exploring the various options of SMART technology can be challenging, however, it is extremely important that the customer is well educated on what they are purchasing when choosing which features to add.  Gerstad Builders works with John Berthoud from Get Wired Now who is a key partner with helping customers create their SMART home. John has been in the technology business for over 20 years and provides the highest quality service to all of Gerstad Builders’ homeowners. According to John “We make it easy for the customer and provide a foundation to build on for that customer to have everything programmed into a system that all works together.”

When John starts working with Gerstad Builders’ homeowner on SMART Technology options, he uses a simple and thorough checklist to determine what the customer truly wants. The questions are also intended to gauge key factors in certain technology choices, such as voltage needs and integrated wiring options.

Here are some examples of what is on the checklist:

  • Do you work from home?
  • Wall mounting any TV’s?
  • Listen to music throughout your house? (how many rooms)
  • Smart Thermostat to control with smart device & anywhere in the world?
  • Smart House? Control via smart device, lock. TV’s, audio, temperature, etc.
  • Security System?

Over the next few months, Gerstad Builders will be featuring a blog mini-series about different SMART technology options. Technology is becoming more common and any given home’s features will cater directly to your lifestyle. Check in and see what updates Gerstad Builders is providing regarding new and innovative home features.

If you are interested in learning more about Gerstad Builders’ many communities, click here​ to contact us or call at (815) 385-4495.

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