Make Your Gerstad Community A Better Place

We all want to live in a community where we feel a sense of safety, welcoming, and belonging. There are many things we can do besides just taking out the trash and acting neighborly that can positively impact the community we live in. Things like a neighborhood library, block parties, and shopping local are relatively easy to do and go a long way in bringing the members of a neighborhood closer together. Here are some tips for making your Gerstad community a better place to live.

Start a Neighborhood Library

Let’s start with a fun and educational idea! Many neighborhoods have started creating community libraries in order to foster a better sense of community. The idea is actually pretty simple: create a makeshift library shelf and stock it with books you have already read. From there, anyone can donate a book of their own and replace it with one from the shelf. The books can be any appropriate genre from children’s to non-fiction to biographies! Not only will you expand your literary horizons, you’ll also be able to share your findings with your neighbors. A neighborhood library is the perfect way to start conversations with the members of your community. For more information on these little libraries, check out the Little Free Library Organization.

Organize a Block Party

Next up, we have the classic neighborhood block party! This type of event is great for bringing your neighbors together, especially in today’s society. It’s been hard to physically meet up with anyone this past year, but being outside gives us a place to gather safely with the members of our community. Common has some great advice for hosting a successful neighborhood block party: pick a nice day, get the grills out, provide a face paint artist or musician, and get out into the streets! Of course, there are many ways you can make your block party your own. Make it a themed event, watch a movie under the stars, or turn it into a potluck! Remember, just because you are organizing this event, you don’t have to foot the bill entirely on your own. You can request funding for all the necessities from the members of your community and even allow them to send you funds virtually with tools like Venmo or Zelle. Start planning your neighborhood block party today and make some lasting memories in your community.

Support Local Business

Last but not least, be sure to shop locally. This is easy enough to do and creates a positive impact all around you. First, it shows your neighbors that you support them and their professional endeavors. Second, shopping locally provides the members of your community with job opportunities and a greater sense of job security. Finally, it reduces transportation costs and carbon emissions. Some great examples of local businesses include coffee shops, diners, specialty stores, boutiques, and even hardware stores. Another great way to support local business is by attending farmer’s markets! You can find farmer’s markets near your Gerstad home in both Illinois and Wisconsin. Start shopping local and support your community along the way.

We hope that these tips will encourage you to make your Gerstad community a better place. If you are not currently a resident in one of our communities but would like to learn more about a Gerstad Builders home, give us a call at 815-385-4495 or fill out a contact form. We’d love to make your dream home a reality!

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