Is Your New Home in Illinois Ready for New Technology and Devices?

New Home in Illinois Ready for New Technology and DevicesIf you’re looking to outfit your new home with digital locks, security cameras, thermostats and smart lights, then you’re going to need a smart home hub to connect them all together! At Gerstad Builders, we offer the highest quality new homes throughout Illinois and Wisconsin and we always strive to keep the buyer in mind with every new home built. This means staying up-to-date with all technological advances that are coming to the home building industry. We are proud to say that our homes are Wi-Fi enabled and hubs are a standard feature in all our new homes in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Because we pride ourselves on understanding our residents and their needs, we know the increasing need for buyers to remain connected in today’s technology-centered world. With so many gadgets that require a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, it is important now more than ever for buyers to be able to connect wherever they are, especially at home. By offering this feature as standard equipment in the highest ceiling of each new home, we are eliminating much of the connectivity and speed issues that many buyers have found with wireless routers provided by internet companies.

This important feature not only allows for a better Wi-Fi connection at home, but buyers can also use the internet provider of their choice. The Gerstad Wi-Fi package includes a ceiling-mounted transmitter, a data line and coaxial cable wired to the preferred primary TV location, a data and phone line wired to any location in the home and a connection box located in the basement for all low-voltage and internet equipment connections.

With all of the new technology and devices that your family are sure to receive as a present this year, there’s also an upgraded system that provides maximum internet capability. In addition, the Wi-Fi hub is capable of accepting other smart devices in the future, so families and friends won’t be limited when they just have to have the latest technology.

Black Friday deals for 2018 include several new gadgets such as the Echo Dot, Google Home Hun and Amazon Echo. Each of these devices can respond to voice commands and can easily operate your entire home. As smart home gadgets proliferate, it helps to have a centralized method to control them all. How nice would it be to unlock your front door and have the lights in your entryway to automatically turn on and the thermostat to be set to the temperature of choice?

If you’re ready to make the move to one of our technology-friendly new homes, give us a call at 815-385-4495 or visit us online at for more information.

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