Introduce the 2023 Colors of the Year into Your Gerstad Home

Not only does Gerstad Builders excel at providing well-constructed homes in some of Illinois’s top locations, but our team also thrives on providing spaces that shine with flexible features and trending design appointments. We understand that when it comes to designing your dream home, colors play a vital role in creating the perfect ambiance. That’s why we’re excited to share this year’s top color-of-the-year selections and inspire you to incorporate them into your Gerstad Builders home.

The 2023 Color of the Year Selections

PPG – Vining Ivy

Vining Ivy, the PPG color of the year for 2023, is a soothing shade of green that evokes tranquility and harmony. Incorporating Vining Ivy into new home construction can create a serene environment and bring the beauty of nature indoors. Don’t forget to explore the 2023 Color Trend Themes to tie your colorful space together.

Luxury Gerstad Kitchen

PANTONE – Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta by PANTONE holds significant influence in various industries, including interior design. This vibrant hue symbolizes energy, creativity and forward-thinking, providing a bold mixture of red and pink. By incorporating Viva Magenta into your home, you can infuse a sense of passion and dynamism into your living spaces. Create an accent wall in your study or add a pop of color to your bathroom – the possibilities are endless!

Sherwin-Williams – Redend Point

The Sherwin-Williams color of the year for 2023 Redend Point is a deep, rich color that exudes warmth and sophistication with blush and beige undertones to perfectly complement natural environments. Incorporate Redend Point into your home to add an elegant touch and create a cozy atmosphere.

HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams – Darkroom

Darkroom, chosen as the HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams color of the year, offers a bold and moody aesthetic. This color adds depth and elegance to any space, allowing you to create a dramatic and contemporary ambiance in your Gerstad home. The leading paint producer also introduced the hue to the Vintage Homestead Color Collection and its complimentary swatches help to take the guesswork out of designing your new home!

Behr – Blank Canvas

Behr Paint introduces Blank Canvas as its color trend for the year. This versatile off-white shade serves as a perfect backdrop for creating a clean, modern aesthetic. Incorporate Blank Canvas into your Gerstad home to achieve a fresh and timeless look. Looking for complimentary hues to accent this color-of-the-year selection? The Behr designer collection features fabulous choices such as Cracked Pepper, Midnight Blue and more to add a pop of color to this muted tone.

Igniting Your Home with Color

Incorporating the colors of the year into your Gerstad Builders home opens up a world of creative possibilities. Start by creating an eye-catching accent wall, painting a prominent surface with the selected hue to add visual interest and make a bold statement. Next, infuse the color into your furniture and upholstery choices, opting for vibrant pieces that bring life and flexibility to your space.

Liberty Trails

Take your design to the next level by updating the kitchen and bathroom with matching cabinet hardware, faucets or appliances in the colors of the year. This simple touch gives these spaces a fresh, cohesive look. Don’t forget to extend the color palette to your outdoor spaces as well. From outdoor furniture to planters and accessories, infusing the color of the year creates a harmonious connection between your indoor and outdoor living areas.

Discover your next forever home in McHenry, Poplar Grove and Richmond, Illinois as well as Williams Bay, Wisconsin with Gerstad Builders! Visit our Blog to find more design inspiration and upcoming news. For more information, call 815-385-4495 or contact us online.

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