How To Improve Your Credit Score

We’d all like to improve our credit scores. From buying new McHenry County real estate and cars to getting a cell phone or applying for homeowners insurance, having a good credit score will help get you approved for a loan and lower your payments. Some employers even pull credit reports on job applicants. Below are a few quick tips that will help increase your overall credit score.

1. Never Cancel Credit Cards More Than Two Years Old: Having a seasoned account is a big plus.

2. Increase Your Maximum Allowable Credit Limit: If a credit card is close to its maximum balance, then call and have it increased. Credit bureaus don’t like to see maxed out accounts.

3. Spread Balances Among Accounts: If you have three cards it’s better to have $1,000 on three accounts than $3,000 on one account.

4. Pay Your Bills on Time: The number one reason for low credit scores is late payments. Paying your bills on time will not only help raise your credit score, but it will also help lower your stress.

Whether you’re shopping for Richmond new homes, Poplar Grove real estate, Williams Bay real estate or McHenry County real estate, we have mortgage companies available that will help you improve your credit score so that you can get the best rates and payments possible.

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