Fall Maintenance & Décor Tips for Your Gerstad Home

As the scorching days of summer come to an end, Illinois and Wisconsin residents stand on the brink of a delightful seasonal transition. At Gerstad Builders, we understand that the drop in temperatures is crucial to preparing your home for the upcoming season.

Our team of experts compiled a list of the essential steps to prepare your Gerstad Builders home, ensuring not only its structural soundness but also its inviting, cozy ambiance. From fall home tips maintenance to delightful decorations, embrace the enchantment of fall in your Gerstad home.

Prep Your Home for Fall

Transitioning your home for fall is crucial for a comfortable and worry-free season. Begin by cleaning and inspecting your gutters to clear out debris and prevent clogs that can lead to water damage. Additionally, conduct a thorough roof inspection to check for any loose or damaged shingles that may result in leaks.

Sealing cracks and gaps around windows and doors is essential to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Regular maintenance on your heating system is recommended to ensure it’s working efficiently before the temperatures drop. This includes testing the furnace, changing filters and ensuring all components are in good working order.

Remember to pay attention to your chimney and fireplace. Having them professionally inspected and cleaned ensures both safety and efficiency. It’s also vital to check and change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Vacuuming around and dusting these devices is equally important, as excessive dust can lead to malfunctions!

Outdoor maintenance is essential, too. Drain and store outdoor faucets and hoses to prevent freezing and potential damage. Protect your lawn and garden by trimming plants and covering delicate ones to shield them from the cold. When it comes to equipment, store outdoor furniture and tools properly to extend their lifespan. Additionally, reverse the direction of your ceiling fans. This helps distribute warm air that accumulates near the ceiling into the living space.

Checking insulation is also an important step. Ensure it’s adequate to keep your home warm and energy efficient. Lastly, stock up on essential winter supplies like salt and shovels to be prepared for any weather-related challenges. Remember, a clean furnace filter is essential for efficiency and sump pump discharge should be directed at least 10 feet away from your home to prevent icing. These steps will go a long way in ensuring your Gerstad home is ready to face the colder months ahead!

Decorate Your Home for Fall

Now that your home is primed for the season, it’s time to infuse it with the warm, inviting spirit of fall. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Incorporate rich, earthy tones like deep reds, oranges and golden yellows.
  • Arrange pumpkins and gourds in various sizes and colors inside and outside the house for a festive touch.
  • Hang a seasonal wreath on your door to welcome guests (but remember, avoid wreath hangers that hang on top of doors to preserve your warranty!)
  • Swap out lightweight fabrics for plush throws and warm blankets.
  • Arrange fall blooms like mums and sunflowers in vases around your home.
  • Update your wall décor with autumn-inspired pieces.
  • Set your table with rustic dinnerware and autumn-themed accents.
  • Adorn your porch or yard with pumpkins, wreaths and lanterns.
  • Use scented candles or diffusers to evoke the aromas of fall with popular scents like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, apple and more!
  • Get creative with handmade crafts like painted pumpkins or wreaths.

As you embark on this exciting journey of preparing and adorning your home for fall, remember that our communities in McHenryPoplar Grove and Richmond, IL, as well as Williams Bay, WI, offer new home opportunities ideally suited to embrace the changing seasons.

For more information, call 815-385-4495 or visit our online Contact page to speak with a Gerstad Builder team member directly.

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