Extreme Home (Office) Makeover

Since the start of COVID-19, many people have been working from home and realizing that the transition works for them. Similarly, businesses and companies have concluded that remote work can be effective. One of the many perks of working remotely is that you can customize your home office to function exactly the way you need it to. Take a look at this blog to learn more about creating the perfect office right in your home!

Bright and Quiet Spaces

Before you do anything else, you should evaluate your current office space. Is it in a quiet area of your home? Does this space allow for natural light? If you answered no to either of these questions, you may want to consider relocating to a different room in your house. Find a space where you can work without being disturbed or distracted that also provides plenty of natural light. If you are unable to physically move to a room that better meets your needs, make some changes to your current space. Add lighting fixtures to make your office feel brighter and add a new door or splurge on some noise-cancelling headphones to create a more productive space. Finally, if you are in the market for a new home, be sure to find one that meets your home-office needs. Remember, Gerstad Builders can create the perfect home and office for you and your needs!

Add Your Favorite Things

Since your office is a personal space, it should reflect your style! Decorate it with some of your favorite colors and decorations! We recommend a natural color for your walls with splashes of your favorite color scattered throughout the room. To achieve this look, use objects like throw pillows, wall art, and desk supplies. You should also consider adding some of your favorite decorations to your home office. Consider items like plants, mirrors, and books to create a beautiful and productive space. Making these changes will help you to focus and be more productive.

Additional Pieces

In addition to adding your favorite things, there are many pieces you can add to make your office more functional. You could hang some shelves above your desk for extra storage space. Additionally, you can add a bulletin board, inspiration board, or mood board to your office to focus on the things that inspire you most. You can also display your to-do lists, calendar, and photos on your wall for a fun touch! Finally, we recommend adding vertical files to your walls so you can store important documents at an arm’s reach!

If you are looking for a new home builder to make all your dreams come true, look no further! Gerstad Builders has communities in McHenry, Poplar Grove, and Richmond, Illinois as well as Williams Bay, Wisconsin! Give us a call at 815-385-4495 or fill out our contact form to get started!

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