Empty-Nester Homebuyers Guide

It happened; you’re an empty-nester. Your children have grown up and moved out of the house. This can be a bitter-sweet time for many. You have done your job well and your children are now productive members of society, spreading their wings and venturing out into the world! You might be asking yourself “What comes next?” There is no more rushing around to sporting events or dance recitals, or better yet, the loads of laundry will significantly decrease. Now is the time to think about what type of lifestyle you want, especially with all this new found free time.

Empty nesters can take their time either downsizing from their existing home, or buy a new home in a smaller community. Having a home that is designed to compliment your new lifestyle can make this change a little easier and more exciting. In the second blog of our life stages and homebuying series, we offer advice for buying a house as an empty-nester.

Location, Community and Accessibility:

There are several key aspects to consider when buying your next home as an empty-nester. You will want to ensure that your new home is in the ideal location. You may want to consider homes that are near grocery stores, pharmacies, and your loved ones. Take the time to research the communities you are interested in. It’s always nice to feel safe and welcome in your neighborhood, so a little exploration can be very helpful. Finally, it is important to ensure your home is safe and accessible. Whether you are looking for a two-story or single-story home there are features you might want to consider. For instance;  wider hallways, a first-floor bedroom, and fewer steps to climb. 

Multi-Level Home:

A multi-level home is a very viable option for empty-nesters. Many people in this buying category are still young, agile, and full-of-life! If you desire a home with several stories, you should feel confident considering this style option. One tip we have for empty-nesters wanting a multi-level home is to consider a first-floor master bedroom. Keep in mind that all of our multi-level Gerstad homes can be designed to fit your specific needs.

Ranch Style:

Another option for empty-nesters  is a ranch-style home. Single-level homes offer a  convenient layout and plenty of space. An open floor plan allows for a flexible living space, and dividing up living space as needed. Convenience and safety are key when looking for your next home, which is one of the many reasons empty-nesters will choose a ranch-style home. 

Extra Space: 

While you may not have as many people living in your home, we understand that you still need space. The Bay View model, for example, comes with a master bedroom and two additional bedrooms. One way you can maximize your extra space is to utilize a Murphy bed. These beds conveniently fold into the wall when they are not in use. This means you can use your extra space as a craft room, home office, or however you’d like. Gerstad Builders also offers a variety of upgrades and options available for those who may be preparing to have a wheelchair in the home. Whether you are getting prepared for yourself or your loved ones, we are here to help. 


You worked hard for so many years and now it’s time for relaxation. Our homes can be designed with features meant to make your life easier. We recommend adding multiple windows to your home to incorporate natural light and reduce the cost of your electric bill. You may want to add extra windows in your bathroom, pantry, mudroom, and dining area. Our newer homes are more energy efficient and have received glowing reviews for keeping residents warm in the cold winter months. In addition to extra windows, you can also have pull-out drawers installed in your pantry or cabinets. This will save you from straining your eyes and joints when you’re looking or reaching for an elusive item tucked way in the back. 

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With many home models available we have options that appeal to all types of homebuyers such as; empty-nesters looking to purchase a second or third home. Schedule an appointment with our expert sales teams to get the process started.

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