Does your "side-job" man have insurance coverage?

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As the economy is poor and lots of “trade” people are waiting for work, it is very inviting to hire your neighbor or friend to do your home project. Homeowners think first about saving money and forget to think about what happens when possible complications occur. What happens when something goes wrong with your project and your McHenry County real estate is damaged or a person gets hurt? Does this accident fall under your homeowner’s insurance policy or did your “hired help” have insurance coverage? It doesn’t sound much like saving money when your end up with an insurance claim or legal problems.

A recent article on the Chicagoland Real Estate Forum addressed these concerns. The article warned that you should be aware of those dangers that lie within hiring a buddy to do work in your home. There are many insured businesses out there waiting for work. Their prices may be a bit higher, but those few extra dollars are for insurance premiums and possible service/warranty programs. Before work begins, simply ask your contractor to provide you with a Certificate of Insurance showing the businesses current coverage.

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