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The coldest months of the year are officially here, and now is the perfect time to transform your home into a warm and inviting place to gather! Gerstad Builders partners with our homebuyers to select the ideal floor plans for your family’s needs, paying special attention to home features and design options. Beyond the traditional charm, a fireplace offers a range of benefits, from energy independence to increased property value! 

Join us as we dive into the advantages of embracing this classic feature and guide you toward purchasing a home where the hearth is.

Fireplace Benefits

Gerstad Builders Fireplace in living room

Say goodbye to chilly evenings during the winter and gather around a fireplace with your family! Fireplaces are more than just sources of warmth. These trending home design features come with a host of advantages that have the power to impact your living experience significantly. On top of infusing coziness and comfort into your home’s atmosphere, fireplaces provide a place ideal for bonding and creating lasting memories. This simple addition to your home plan acts as a focal point for family gatherings and relaxation. 

The charm of a fireplace extends beyond just creating a welcoming ambiance! These versatile home features increase property value, making it a wise investment for homeowners. The aesthetic appeal of a well-designed and functional fireplace is a great selling point for any home, providing both financial and lifestyle benefits. 

Fireplaces also offer energy independence! During the case of extreme weather or power outages, wood-burning fireplaces provide an alternative heating source that can be crucial during turbulent conditions. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your fireplace can contribute warmth and comfort when other utilities fail during the harsher months of the year!

Fireplace Design Options

Gerstad Builders fireplace in living room fireplaces

Selecting the perfect fireplace design is an essential first step when crafting your home’s overall ambiance. The Gerstad Builders design center offers a variety of models and materials to allow you to tailor this classic home feature to your preferences.

For indoor fireplaces, we offer styles from modern, sleek designs to traditional, rustic styles to ensure your selection perfectly complements your home’s interior. Imagine curling up with a good book in front of a roaring contemporary fireplace in the great room or enjoying the rustic charm of a stone hearth during holiday family gatherings. 

If you’re interested in introducing a heated element to your outdoor living space, a fireplace can transform your patio into a year-round gathering area! Host a cozy winter barbecue with friends with the promise of a warm and captivating focal point. 

Safety is key, so we ensure each Gerstad homeowner secures important safety features such as glass barriers, auto shut-off mechanisms and proper insulation when selecting the fireplace.

Maintenance & Tips

Gerstad Builders white fireplace in living area with large windows fireplaces

Proper maintenance is essential to assure homeowners get the most out of their fireplace installations. From regular cleaning to annual inspections, make the most of your home’s heated design feature during the colder months. 

Regular cleaning is an essential step to guarantee the efficiency of your fireplace and a safe environment in your home. Schedule annual inspections by professionals to identify any potential issues before the start of the colder season, preventing costly repairs and emergencies. Be sure to maintain proper ventilation to avoid the buildup of harmful gases and employ chimney caps to keep unwanted debris and animals outside. 

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