Creating a Dream Backyard

Creating Your Dream Backyard

It’s the time of year everyone has been looking forward to: days in the sun, barbeques and bonfires. What makes these three activities even better is when they take place in your own backyard. Creating a functional and fun backyard may seem simple, but there is a lot to consider when planning it out.

Here’s everything you need to know for creating your dream backyard. 

Plan your space:

Before dreaming up any designs, take a look at your space. If you have a large backyard, great! However, it can feel overwhelming even in a backyard with ample space. You don’t want it to feel too crowded, but you don’t want it to feel too bare. In order for creating a space that’s perfect for your needs, ask yourself who your backyard is there for and how you need the space to function. 

For families with young children, you may need an area for them to play as well as a space nearby for the adults to relax while monitoring the kids. For families with older children, consider what you can do to share the space. Perhaps, create an area that is suitable for the adults and a separate space for your teenage children to simultaneously have friends over. 

Views to incorporate

Consider the views. Incorporate the natural design of your outdoor space to maximize the design of your backyard. If there’s some beautiful scenery near you, consider making this the centerpiece of your backyard and design everything around that focal point. Vary your plant sizes by offsetting larger trees with smaller shrubs and flowers planted nearby.  Generally, it is best to stick to a minimal amount of materials or you risk overwhelming the space. 

Stick to one or two types of hardscaping such as concrete or cobblestone, and one type of wood finish. Also, consider the flowers you pick according to the location and climate of your yard. Aim to choose flowers that are cohesive in color and foliage. A tip to help your backyard feel larger, is to plant larger and taller plants close to fences and trees, while placing smaller plants toward the front to create a layered look.

If you want to know more about creating a beautiful landscape, check out this blog post. 

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