Creating a Room That Makes You Feel Like You’ve Fallen Into A Snow Globe

four-season roomImagine having a place to retreat during those long, cold and snowy winter days that would instantly bring happiness to your day. Not everyone wants to pack their bags and go to Florida to feel the warm sunshine, but you can easily create such a place right in your own home. At Gerstad Builders, one of our most popular design features is additional four-season rooms to accommodate all types of weather, especially the unpredictable winters in the Chicago suburbs.

If you’re looking to add space to your home that can be heated and cooled all year, a four season room may be the ideal solution. Because of its thermally-engineered frame and insulated roof, the temperatures of these rooms are easily controlled. The special weather-stripping gives you triple protection against drafts and interlocking sashes on the windows and doors help seal out the elements.

What makes four-season rooms so unique are the many windows rather than screens. A room like this lets you comfortably stay indoors, with air conditioning and heat, while still enjoying the outdoors and the view outside. Like a greenhouse, four-season rooms are ideal for growing a variety of plants as well creating space to entertain and relax.

Beat the Winter Blues with Four Season Rooms

Clinical studies show how important natural light is to both the physical and emotional well-being of people. In many colder regions, some people struggle with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is a type of depression related to seasonal changes. A four season room can effectively offset several symptoms of SAD during the dreary colder months including the “winter blues,” moodiness, and a lack of energy.

Add More Space and Functionality to Your Home

A four-season sunroom addition is perfect for family gatherings and special occasions. People are naturally drawn to the uniqueness of these rooms whether it’s to read, drink morning coffee, chat with friends or even star gaze at night. Four season rooms quickly become the most popular space in the house.

A four-season sunroom makes the perfect home office

Today, many people telecommute and work from home. What better place to set up a home office than a four-season sunroom? All it takes is a desk, chair and a Wi-Fi connection. Think of how much more work can be accomplished when surrounded by the beauty and richness of nature. The ambiance itself is truly inspiring and can potentially motivate anyone to focus better on their work and therefore be more productive.

 An every reason roomfour- season room

Whether you want a cozy space for the family to gather, a relaxing spa-like retreat, or a quiet sanctuary for afternoon tea and a good book, adding a four season room can accommodate virtually any need. Our four-season rooms can also be customized to fit your individual desires. Our homes even include the option to add screened porches, allowing our owners to relax in the seasonal weather while staying protected from bugs and other pests.

From snowy winters to crisp autumn days and the sweltering heat of summer, your new home deserves a four-season room that lets you relax in a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere. We don’t want our homes to be just like any other. We want to build something special and provide buyers a new experience when they buy a Gerstad Builders home. Our four-season rooms are just one of the ways we do this. The benefits of these rooms are plentiful and add countless possibilities to your home!

If you’re searching for a new home in Chicago’s northern suburbs, we have the home for you. Whether you want to buy in one of our communities in Richmond, Poplar Grove or McHenry, Illinois or Williams Bay, Wisconsin, or you’d prefer to build one of our homes on your lot, we can accommodate your needs. For more information, visit

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