Creating a HomeSchool Environment

Creating a HomeSchool Environment

The world has changed, and it will never be the same. Today’s new normal, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has had a tremendous impact on how we live our lives. Everything we do has come to a halt, or the way we do them has changed. We are working from home or remotely; there is limited eating out, and when we can, very little inside dining is available. Furthermore, sports at all levels has changed, including cancellations of many professional and collegiate seasons, along with limited or no fans in attendance. Most importantly, school has been restructured to be safe for our children, their teachers and the administrative staff.

As adults, we can create a home work space just about anywhere. However, depending on their age, our kids don’t always adapt so easily. How you set up their remote learning space will make all the difference in how well they are able to learn and stay engaged with school, their teachers and their classmates.

Why proper learning space matters, checklist to consider when creating a remote learning space:
  • Children of all ages need consistency
  • Without a proper learning space, they can be easily distracted
  • School supplies need to be close by
  • Let’s face it, the family couch isn’t the best place to sit and learn

Here are some options that Gerstad Builders uses in their new homes to create a positive learning environment for your children.

Planning your child’s home education space:

One of the first steps to creating your child’s space is having them help. Remember, the space needs to be more personalized towards their likes and needs, not yours. That doesn’t require spending a lot of money either. For instance; add some of their personality into the designated space.

It is important to make the area creative and have them be able to explore according to their age. For younger children, add areas for imaginative play, bins for books and a structured play area. Kids who are older will need to create a quieter space and have good lighting. 

Create a space just for learning:

Not everyone has the extra space to create a specific remote learning area, just  focus on the actual space you have and maintain consistency. Take a corner in one of your rooms and turn it into a learning space. Set it up with a small table and folding chairs. Have a box with learning supplies that can be taken out and put nearby when “school” begins. 

Creating that perfect space is where Gerstad Builders comes in. If you are moving into one of their communities, they can help you optimize your home office for maximum productivity and comfort. Plus, the home office space can be personalized to meet your family’s needs. This is ideal when working remotely and virtual learning.

Gerstad builds their homes with SMART Technology that is standard features in each of their homes.. For instance; there is a WiFi hub tied to a modem and router panel which is located in the basement. Plus, their smart home WiFi hub allows for connecting many essential technologies such as; smart lights, thermostats, digital locks, and security cameras.

Declutter the designated learning space:
  • Remove distractions
  • Create an orderly learning space and remove any type of chaos
  • Remember less is more
Have the area well lit:
  • Effective learning begins with adequate lighting
  • Try placing the learning space by a window to allow for natural lighting

There are many aspects that your child will gain from having an appropriate learning environment. Creating a specific learning area will show your student that education is a priority and can occur not just at school. Additionally, this also helps to create a routine. One thing to not forget is to include outdoor learning and exercise. 

Art Enrichment:

One aspect of learning at home that needs to continue is art class. That can easily be accomplished by looking around your home and being creative. Having a box of colored paper, markets, crayons and other supplies is just the beginning. If you have such items as empty egg cartons, toilet and paper towel rolls, even pasta, your children can use their imagination to create artwork to display around your home.

Gerstad Builders wants to ensure you feel comfortable in your living space. Every homeowner has different needs. We build homes with office space or virtual learning areas that are personalized to each homebuyer and their particular lifestyle. Contact us at 815-385-4495 or visit our website to get the process started.

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