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Spring is approaching which means that summer is not far off. Summer is the time of year everyone looks forward to: friends and family barbeques, bonfires, smores and enjoying the summer days and nights. These activities are better when they take place in your new backyard. Creating an enjoyable backyard may seem simple but there are many things to consider when planning. 

Gerstad Builders has put together ways to create the ideal backyard for any homeowner.

Planning out the space:

Prior to starting the design process, take a look at your available space. No matter what size yard you have, it can still feel overwhelming. It is essential not to overcrowd the space or leave it feeling bare. In order to create the space that fits your needs, ask yourself how you want the space to function.

Incorporating the perfect look:

Start by considering the views. You want to incorporate the natural design of your outdoor space to maximize the beauty. If you have beautiful scenery near you, consider making it the focal point of your design. Planting various sizes of shrubs and flowers nearby can offset any larger planted trees. Generally, it is best to stick to a minimal amount of materials or you risk making the space look overwhelming. 

Another good tip, stick with one or two types of hardscaping. For example; cobblestone or concrete or one type of wood finish. Also, when considering what species of flowers to plant, pick according to the climate of your yard and the planting location. Aim to choose flowers that are cohesive in foliage and color. A tip to give your yard a bigger feel is to plant larger and taller plants close to fences and trees. Create a layered look by placing smaller plants toward the front. 

Whether you are a new Gerstad Builder homeowner or an established homeowner, take the time each spring to think about how you want your backyard to look. Not only do you 

want it to be appealing for you and your family but for any guests that come over to enjoy the outdoors.

Gerstad Builders is here to help make home buying a little easier. Visit our website, or stop in our Central Sales Office/ Design Center located in our beautiful Liberty Trails Community

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