2020 Design Trends You Will Want in Your Gerstad Home

2020 Design Trends in Your Gerstad Home

2020 Design Trends You Will Want in Your Gerstad Home

2020 is finally here and it is starting with a bang. As with ever new beginning, the start of a new year also means new design trends for fashion and interior design. If you are considering building a new home or doing some interior design, do you know where to begin when looking for the most current trends in real estate? Here is a list of the top ten design trends that we are guaranteed to see in 2020.

  1. Classic Blue: This 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is making a huge impact on what you can expect to see as far as color goes. Classic blue is very versatile, can be used to create a nice contrast both internally and/or externally. If you are thinking of giving a room a dramatic new look, paint the wall classic blue and the trim white. The room now makes a statement but in a beautiful subtle way.
  2. Flower Wallpaper: Who would have thought wallpaper was back in style? Many of us remember floral wallpaper in our grandparent’s bathroom and would never consider using it in our own home. However, the design for 2020 is nothing like our grandparents wallpaper and has been given a more modern update. The colors are bolder, the flowers are larger and metallic versions are available. This new wallpaper version is perfect for a bathroom, even the foyer.
  3. High Contrast Décor: Designs that are high contrast are taking center stage for the 2020. What does this mean? If you have always wanted to paint a wall or something else black in your home, now is the time. Remember, don’t over do it! Moderation is key. For a long time everything has always been white, but now we are going to see white furniture with a black pillow for instance. Or a dark table with white accents.
  4. Non-white kitchens: Back in 2010, an all white kitchen was the trend; now in 2020 the trend has shifted. For example, homeowners are using a more natural wood or dark wood that creates more of a contrast instead of everything being white.
  5. Color Pop Cabinets: Now that an all white kitchen seems to be a thing of the past, colored cabinets are another 2020 trend that homeowners are opting for. There are many bold options to incorporate colors such as; base cabinets, the kitchen island, and wall cabinets. There are many dark colors to choose or be daring and go with classic blue, red or even green.
  6. Vintage Accents: Making a come back are furnishings from the 1800s and early 1900s. Such furnishings as spindles and spooled legs are back but interior designers are only incorporating one or two items as to not overdue the décor.
  7. Canopy Bed: Here is a décor that most homeowners would not even think of. The style of canopy beds has changed over the years and do not have all that heavy drapery and thick headboards. Making a comeback are more modern versions made with metal, acrylic and smooth upholstered frames.
  8. Kitchen Art: A lot of the 2020 design trends are kitchen focused so it is not a surprise adding art to your kitchen is an increasing trend.  When you are out shopping for art pieces for the rest of the house, don’t forget to choose pieces that will work in the kitchen. Your kitchen is not just for cooking but can be used to display pieces that fit your personality.  Find some hanging art, or if you have open shelving, display some unique items.
  9. Wicker furniture: Wicker furniture is reappearing! However, this style of furniture does not have to be for the deck only. Homeowners are using this fresh, clean look in three and four seasoned rooms. Using wicker chairs and/or tables brings in a perfect balance between the traditional and modern look.
  10. Free-standing tubs: Homeowners want to have an updated look throughout their home, which includes the bathroom. One of the styles that homeowners can adjust is the bathtub. More homeowners are replacing the tub in the master bath with either a free standing tub or a flat bottom shaped tub and having a separate shower. This gives the bathroom a more sophisticated and stylish look.

These are the top ten 2020 design trends that you will be seeing. Gerstad Builders prides themselves in staying ahead of the trends and making sure these updates appear in their homes.

Whether you are a new homeowner or seasoned homeowner, you can get the process started in Gerstad’s Design Center located in McHenry.  They have many of the trend options that you can choose for your new home.

Let’s start with the master bathroom. Gerstad Builders has many options when it comes to bath tubs. Depending on the style of master bath, like the Bayview model in Dawson Creek, you can have the tub along the wall next to the double sink.  In the Jackson model in Liberty Trails, it’s a corner tub.  

Another 2020 design trend that Gerstad offers is the non-white kitchen.  In the Design Center there are all the kitchen cabinet color options along with counter choices.  One kitchen look that is featured in the Jackson model is the dark cabinets with lighter colored countertops.

Gerstad Builders also provides their homeowners with the options of different SMART technology in their homes. There are many options to choose from such as; thermostats, doorbells and assistants. New homeowners are presented a checklist to help them create the SMART home that fits their lifestyle. To get an idea of how Gerstad gets you started, The Tech Check Off List blog post will help guide you.

Contact Gerstad Builders today to get the process started to move into your dream home. Call at (815) 385-4495 or visit the Central Sales Office / Design Center in McHenry.

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