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  1. Enjoy a Sweetheart of a Deal on Your New Gerstad Home

    We’re making February even sweeter with our kitchen incentive! When you write a contract a new Gerstad home at any one of our Illinois communities during the month of February, you will receive the countertop of choice in your new kitchen. Choose from designer laminate, Corian, granite or quartz – […]

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  2. Hunting Safety Tips

    Gerstad Builders’ communities in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin are located within easy distance of hunting grounds for outdoor recreation during the 2017-2018 winter hunting season. Participants should take advantage of this, but need to be careful to adhere to the rules and these safety tips so everyone can enjoy […]

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  3. Driving Safely in the Illinois/Wisconsin Snow

    The wintery weather mixtures of Northern Illinois will soon be arriving, and with it, the wonderful snowy days of playing outside, building snowmen and sledding. These are perfect days for staying home, but sometimes you can’t avoid driving in several feet of snow or on slippery ice. To avoid accidents […]

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